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New Lemur exhibit comes to Tennessee Aquarium
This is just one of the furry faces guests can greet at the new Lemur Forest exhibit at Tennessee Aquarium.

The top floor of the Tennessee Aquarium’s Ocean Journey building reopens March 1 after several months of construction. Guests will fall in love with the furry faces that will greet them in the new Lemur Forest exhibit. Red-ruffed and ring-tailed lemurs will be able to take advantage of the towering heights beneath the Aquarium’s glass peaks to climb up, down and around a lush rainforest setting. At times, visitors will be surprised as the lemurs pass directly overhead when they travel to a small island to sunbathe.
Found only on the island of Madagascar, these captivating creatures are one of the most endangered groups of mammals on the planet. Lemur Forest provides guests an opportunity to better understand their story of survival and what’s being done to save them from extinction.
In addition to Lemur Forest, the popular Stingray Bay touch tank has been renovated to enhance the guest experience. The shoreline has been reduced in width to provide everyone, especially kids, a chance to get even closer to the sea creatures gently swimming in the warm waters.
Finally, there’s a dramatic new wall of tropical plants to enjoy. Orchids and Nepenthes (pitcher plants) seem to spill color from the ceiling to the floor as water gently cascades into a small, plant-filled pool.
These dramatic changes, smaller updates in the River Journey building and daily Extraordinary Experiences animal programs give everyone plenty of reasons to plan a trip to Chattanooga to celebrate the Tennessee Aquarium’s 25th Anniversary.

Special Spring Break Safari Programs Free with Aquarium Admission

Every day, the Tennessee Aquarium’s animal experts share their knowledge and excitement about the creatures in their care. More than one dozen Extraordinary Experience programs are offered FREE with Aquarium admission – including two new “Leaping Lemurs” programs.
Download the free Tennessee Aquarium app or check out the Aquarium’s website for the complete list of daily programs, including these island-themed animal encounters that will be offered only during spring break.

Spring Break Bonus Encounters daily at 1:30 p.m. Eastern

March 11 through March 18 – “On the Wild Side of Island Life.” Islands have unique animals — some of which are found nowhere else in the world — and you’ll meet an interesting island resident during this special encounter. Ocean Journey building on Level 4 outside Lemur Forest

March 19 through March 25 – “Seaside with Seahorses.” Shallow reefs and mangrove forests surrounding islands are home to hungry seahorses. Meet a seahorse expert and watch these marvelous creatures getting lunch. River Journey building in the  Seahorse Gallery

March 26 through April 1 – “Island Giants – Coconut Crabs.” Tropical islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are home to the world’s largest land crabs. See one of these crazy crustaceans up close and learn more about their incredible feats of strength. Ocean Journey Level 4 outside Lemur Forest

April 2 through April 9 – “Totally Tropical.” The tropics contain an amazing wealth of plants and animals. Meet a living treasure from one of the many tropical regions of the world during this fun program. Ocean Journey Level 4 outside Lemur Forest