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Morrison students on best behavior
A sunny fall day is the perfect time for a hayride, which these Morrison first-graders seem to enjoy taking advantage of during a ride around the school.

It pays to be on your best behavior as much as possible. Positive behaviors are those which help us move toward the goal of becoming well-adjusted and happy adults.
Morrison School’s SOAR program encourages students to be on their best behavior, therefore giving them the opportunity to earn valuable tickets. These tickets can be used in various ways to benefit the student.
SOAR is an acronym for Be Safe, Be Organized, Be Accountable and Be Respectable, with different rules applying to different areas of the school.
If students exhibit good behavior, and do not receive any write-ups, they are automatically allowed to participate in quarterly activities. Students who receive minor write-ups can pay 25 earned tickets to be able to participate in the activities. If any have received major write-ups, they are not allowed to attend the function. 
They recently enjoyed the first fun day, with a hay ride, outdoor fall games and delicious s’mores for everyone to enjoy. Second quarter fun will include arcade games and bounce houses, with a farm day planned for the third quarter. A swim and water activity party will be the focus in the fourth quarter activity.
“We are looking forward to taking those with no write-ups at the end of the year to the Manchester Rec Center to enjoy the use of the pool, gym and racquetball facility,” said principal Kim Cantrell. “Living up to expectations does pay off in the end!”