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Midway presents awards to top community members
Midway awards humanitarian.jpg
Jeff and Tina Tittsworth were presented the 2022 Midway CIC Humanitarian Award.
Midway awards citizenship.jpg
Kevin Dunlap was presented the 2022 Midway CIC Citizenship Award.

Midway CIC awards were presented during the opening ceremony of Monday’s Fourth of July celebration. 

The 2022 Midway CIC Citizenship Award was presented to Kevin Dunlap, while the 2022 Midway CIC Humanitarian Award was presented to Jeff and Tina Tittsworth.

Dunlap has lived in the Midway community all his life. A fifth generation farmer, Dunlap grew up learning the value and dignity of hard work from his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Those values that were instilled in him from a young age are reflected in the dedication he shows to the Midway community. 

Dunlap, a former member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, grew up playing ball in Midway, working in the concession stand, supporting events throughout the year at the community center, and working in the fair both. He continues to support Midway in these ways. He also coaches and mentors his three boys, as well as other children in the community, on and off the field to ensure the value of hard work and a passion for the community is fostered in future generations.

It was said during the awards presentation that Midway will still be thriving thanks to the efforts of Dunlap, as well as those like him, who dedicate their time and their hearts to help Midway continue to grow and be better. 

The first Humanitarian Award was given in 2000. Over the last 21 years, many deserving people have been recognized for their service to the community and county. That traditional continued Monday with Jeff and Tina Tittsworth. 

Jeff grew up in Midway, which the couple calls home. They raised two boys and are always willing to help anyone or accomplish any task that needs to be done.