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MES Fest a hit
MES Fest (Gale + Mendoza).jpg
Ava Gale and Camila Mendoza are great assistants with the face-painting booth at MES Fest Friday night. Mendoza works on giving Gale a wrist painting. - photo by Bethany Porter

MES Fest was a big hit for all ages and kicked off fall break for the Morrison Elementary students, Friday evening.

This revamped fall festival had activities to do in each section of the school as well as outside. The big hit of the night was the face painting booth led by seventh and eighth-grade math teacher Janiece Owens. All the staff members participating thought the festival was going great.

“It’s been going good so far. I mean everyone seems to be really happy and pleased with how it’s going,” said Megan West, who was in charge of the treat walk station. “All the kids are really excited about it, so it’s been a really good week and, of course, next week we have fall break.”

Student Ava Gale was also enjoying herself at MES Fest. 

“It’s been great; it’s really fun. I have been helping face paint and we just got off the hayride. We are going to go around and see if we can win any prizes with the games and then look at the booths,” said Gale.

Outside there were many fun options for the fall festival-goers, including hayrides, corn hole and karaoke. Teacher Assistant Camryn Austin was stationed outside the school and her booth was in charge of karaoke, which also seemed to be a big hit with everyone. 

“On our end it has gone great. We have been out here in the front and we have our hayride going and we have karaoke and music, and we are just keeping the energy up out here,” said Austin.

There were many games set up in the classrooms for the kids to enjoy. One of the game options was a ring toss where winners were able to take home their very own two liter drink. Across the hall was a penny toss, where the participant had to toss a penny onto the twister board and land it on the color determined by the spin. Sarah Tarrant was one of the lucky winners at the penny toss and got to pick out her own prize candy. 

There was a great turnout for MES Fest, and teachers, students, and even parents, all had something to enjoy according to teacher Lori Cagle.

“I think it has been going very well; it seems like we have a pretty good turnout. It’s fun for all ages,” said Cagle. 

MES Fest benefitted Morrison Elementary School and was fun, family-friendly way to support the school and kick off fall break.