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Locals win awards at Sub-Regional 4-H Fair
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Forty Warren County 4-H members recently competed in the Sub-Regional 4-H Project Fair at Motlow State Community College in Lynchburg, and were bestowed with numerous awards.
Junior high members competed with a tabletop exhibit which would highlight their projects and personal interviewing skills. Junior members competed with a demonstration of their project work. Prior to the competition, junior high 4-H members submitted a portfolio of their project work for judging as well.
Members who competed with their portfolios included Meghan Madewell, beef; Emily Pennington, communication and public speaking; Landon Spivey, consumer education/economics; Jakob Shockley, computers and technology; Nolyn Rutledge, forestry, wildlife and fisheries; Walker Kelsey, dairy; Marynia Harris, nutrition, health and fitness; Caroline Brooks, performing arts/ recreation; Grant Hitchcock and C.J. Boyd, plant science; Gregory Norton and Ethan Hitchcock, poultry, and Brianna Kalista-Cooney, horticulture and garden.
Spivey, Brooks, Pennington, Kelsey, Harris, Kalista-Cooney, and Grant Hitchcock placed first in their respective projects, with Boyd and Shockley placing second. Madewell placed third.
In the exhibit competition, junior high 4-H members in sixth, seventh or eighth grades designed a tabletop exhibit with photos, news articles, and educational information about their projects. They were interviewed about their exhibits and project work. Competing with exhibits were Madewell, Ian Pursley, Katie Pack, Emily Pennington, Spivey, Kelsey, Blake Waldron, Gracie Hubbard, Shockley, Randy Cantrell, Marynia Harris, Brooks, Carter Cantrell, Kalista-Cooney, Molly Hale, Grant Hitchcock, Norton, Ethan Hitchcock and Boyd.
Spivey, Harris, Brooks, Grant Hitchcock, Shockley, Ethan Hitchcock, and Molly Hale placed first with their exhibits. Placing second were Madewell, Pennington, Waldron, Kelsey, Randy Cantrell, Carter Cantrell, Boyd and Norton. Third- place awards went to Pack, Hubbard, and Kalista-Cooney.
Junior 4-H members in the fourth and fifth grades competing with demonstrations were Braden Marcum, Will Prater, Dante Grayson, Molly Dodd, Carla Hubert, Jacob Scott, Shelby Whitlock, Alex Stinson, Claire Brooks, Mia Starkey, Chance Hale, Kendall Pendergraph, Charles Steakley, Kataen Shockley, Sawyer Thompson, Andrew Dunn, Conner Smith, Kalan Lusk, Cassidy Newby, Austin Conner and Erica Cantrell.
Winning their respective projects were Prater, Grayson, Starkey, Shockley, Conner and Cantrell. Placing second were Dodd, Thompson, Whitlock and Smith. Earning third place were Brooks, Hale, Scott and Lusk.
Warren County 4-H members did very well, as the competitive event featuring at least 90 demonstrations and 65 exhibits.