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Kids Funfest and Safety Day fun for all
Families enjoy day of free activities
The unofficial U.S. Army National Guard mascot Choppy was a huge hit at Kidsfest activities on Saturday. He and his owner, Steve Monroe, visit with Laharah Moser.

Many businesses, civic groups, churches and community organizations joined forces to hold the Kids Funfest and Safety Day on the Civic Center grounds. The fun day is presented by the city of McMinnville, Children’s Advocacy Center, Kids of the Community and Families in Crisis in an effort to provide free activities for families to enjoy together. 
The event was both fun and educational for those attending, with many families making it an annual event.
Parent April Gaston attended with her two children, with 7-year-old Maddox especially excited about the day.
“We come every year because it’s very educational,” said Gaston. “We just finished with the Highway Patrol exhibit, and he learned to always wear his seatbelt.”
Due to inclement weather conditions earlier in the morning, several large inflatables were available inside the Civic Center gymnasium, and was a popular spot for children of all ages. Various booths were also inside, featuring activities, prizes and information for safe and healthy living.
“The indoor inflatables were especially a favorite of the kids,” said Robin Cutrell, family advocate for the Children’s Advocacy Center. “The day was a huge success, with us giving out at least 300 food tickets and 100 complimentary T-shirts to the children.”
A small stage gave up-and-coming performers the opportunity to share their talents. One such artist was Macy Tabor, a 13-year-old country music singer. According to her mother, she loves to sing and entertain and has been featured at the recent Cornbread Festival and Opry Mills. 
Just outside the Civic Center, much of the activity centered around various vehicles and modes of transportation, such as helicopters, firetrucks, ambulances and military equipment. The Wildlife on Wheels trailer had a constant stream of visitors to the unique exhibit featuring animals of all kinds.
A crowd gathered on the ball field to welcome the landing of Air Evac 44 helicopter, with staff members visiting with folks and giving tours of the aircraft. 
“We enjoy participating and working this activity because there are some children in the community that their families can’t afford to do fun things,” said Cutrell. “This way it doesn’t cost the family anything, and they can do it together.”