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It’s Cellphone Courtesy Month

July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month, which falls in line with the new Tennessee law banning hand-held cellphone use while driving. Through the month of July, remember to be courteous to others when using your cellphone and be more respectful of your surroundings and of yourself while using your device.

Take a moment to evaluate your cellular habits along with others in your family. Use this month to make some changes by using the following do’s and don’ts of cellphone etiquette recommended by U.S. Cellular.

Here are some things

you should do:

• Consider how and when to use your phone at work – 84 percent of professionals think it’s rude to use cellphones during business meetings.

• Use silent mode – Be respectful of your surroundings and silence your ringer when shopping, dining or in a public place.

• Respect phone free zones – 64 percent of people say places of worship should be phone-free zones, followed by movie theaters (58 percent) and on a date (57 percent).

Now here are the don’ts:

• Use your phone while interacting while interacting with people in real life – Be present in the moment or you may miss important information or a great experience.

• Use your cellphone at the dinner table – Establish device-free mealtimes and enjoy conversation with family and friends instead.

• Speak loudly or shout while on the phone in public – Keep your voice down and be discreet with the content of conversations you have in public.