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Giving thanks
Kindergarten students share turkey recipes
Buddies, from left, Isabella Bond and Daniela Maldonado share a hug during Thanksgiving storytime.

Thanksgiving is one of the most appreciated holidays of the year, with many taking time to reflect on being thankful for life’s pleasures and blessings.
Youngsters are never too young to learn thankfulness and have an idea of how to express those feelings.
Dibrell Elementary kindergarten students of Allison Bost had extensive lessons on the subject, completing several projects and enjoying various books on the subject.
“I think it’s important to know the feeling of gratitude, and to explain the importance of family traditions, as well as the historical aspect of Thanksgiving,” said Bost.
The young class was taught about the first Thanksgiving, and shared ideas on what happened many years ago.
“The English traveled so long, and some people got sick coming to America,” said Anniston Page. “The Native Americans helped them grow food.”
They enjoyed making turkey headbands, Native American bead bracelets, made placemats, disguised turkeys, sang Thanksgiving songs and provided recipes on how to cook a turkey.
Their fun and creative recipes follow:

Go to Walmart and get a big turkey.  Put a little bit of salt on it.  Set the turkey on a big plate to get ready to cook it.  Make sure the oven is on 50 degrees and cook the turkey for 12 hours.  You’ll know the turkey is ready when the dinger rings. Eat it with lettuce, chicken, and tea.
Aven King

Go visit a farm and get a big turkey to cook. Pull out all the bones and blood. Add a little bit of salt or it will be too salty. Put the turkey in a big pot. The oven needs to be very hot and cook it for a little bit of time.  Take it out when it dings. Add some grease to it so it tastes good.
Dustin Thomas

Get a turkey a turkey from a farm.  I only pick the big ones because my brother is strong and he can pick it up. Put a little bit of salt and put it in a hot machine. Leave it in there for some very long minutes. Cut it with a knife to tell if it’s ready to eat.  Eat it with some fish, teeny tiny crab legs, and a hamburger.
Javier Nunez

Find a big, big turkey from the farm. Make sure it’s dead before you cook it.  Put it on the grill and make sure it’s very, very hot.  Cook it for a very long time.  Put on a lot of salt and that’s it. 
Alex Kirby

My grandma usually gets a turkey from Walmart so that’s the best place to find one.  The only thing to add to it is pepper and only a little bit.  And only add a little so it isn’t too peppery.  Cook it in a round pot.  The oven needs to be 60 degrees and cook the turkey for 60 minutes. It’s ready to eat when it dings.  Fix some rolls, potatoes, and green beans with it. 
Anniston Page

Find a big turkey in the woods.  Cut it up into pieces and cook it plain with nothing on it.  Get a big pot and cook it in the oven.  Be sure the oven is 26 degrees and cook it for 20 minutes.  Just take it out when it’s done.  Eat the turkey by itself.
Brant Damon

Drive to Walmart and buy a big turkey.  I like the big ones because I’ve got a lot of sisters. Put some salt on it, only a little bit. Cook it in the oven and make sure the oven is 6 degrees and cook it for a few minutes.  Take it out before it burns when it turns brown. 
Mariana Regalado

Look out your window and look for a turkey outside. Catch it before it runs away. Cut off all the feathers and cut it in pieces.  Put on some salt and some sauce.  Only put a little bit or it’ll make the turkey wake up.  Set the oven on very hot and cook it for a lot of time so it can get done and we can eat it.  Wait for it to cook but don’t eat it if it’s too hot.  You can put it in the refrigerator to cool. 
Isabella Bond

Go to the barn and find a big turkey. Pick a big one to make sure everyone has enough to eat.  Before you cook it make sure to add some salt. The oven needs to be 7 degrees and cook it for 6 minutes. It’s done when the 6 minutes are over. 
Bryler Cantrell

Catch a giant turkey from the woods like the one we read about in class. Pour a lot of salt on it so it tastes right.  Get a big pot because the turkey is giant. Set the oven on low or smoke will come out of it and we don’t want that to happen. Cook the turkey for 61 minutes.  Take it out when the dinger dings. Cook some popcorn and corn to eat with the turkey and some candy.
Drew Wrisner

Catch a turkey from the farm. Find the farm out of the newspaper. The good turkey farms are in the newspaper. Skin the turkey and add lots of salt.  Cut off the stuff you don’t need.  Cook it in a round pot or a skillet. Turn up the oven just a little bit. Let it stay in the oven for a long, long time. It’s ready when Mama calls you to dinner. 
Kelvin Reagan

Find a big turkey on a farm. Cook the turkey in a big pot. Make the oven be just a little bit hot so it doesn’t get burned. Leave it in there for 10 minutes. Take it out when the time is up.
Daniela Maldonado

Get a turkey from the store.  Find a big pot to cook it in. Turn up the oven to be really hot and put it in. Cook it for 20 hours. Take it out of the oven before it burns.
Luis Rodriguez

Get a big turkey for your parents and a little turkey for the kids. Put some vegetables around it and put it in the oven. Make sure the oven is really hot. Let it cook for 20 minutes. Take it out when the timer dings. Put some salt on it so it’s extra salty and invite lots of friends.
Bella Davis

Go buy a big turkey from Walmart. Cut it up into pieces and get ready to cook it. The oven needs to be a little bit hot. Let it cook for some long minutes. It’s ready when you’re hungry. Eat it with some potatoes and bread.
Corey Randolph