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Deweese celebrates 50 years in ministry
Pastor Dennis Deweese marks a milestone this weekend.
Cumberland Chapel Freewill Baptist Church pastor Dennis Deweese marks a milestone this weekend, celebrating a half century in the ministry. In March, 1967, while attending a revival in Plainview Baptist near Fall Creek Falls State Park, 11-year-old Deweese not only responded to the message delivered by Brother Freddie Copeland, but also accepted God’s call to preach.Deweese was one of two youngsters who accepted the call that week, the other being Darvin Oakes, who also marks his 50th year in the ministry this year. Just two nights later, Copeland asked if Deweese had a few words to say and was surprised when the budding young evangelist had an entire sermon prepared, bringing a message from I Samuel 15: 20-33.