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Devin and Kaylee share their story
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Devin and Kaylee Jordan are a love story as they approach their third year of marriage. They were married two months after high school graduation with the Class of 2019.

This Feb. 14, Devin and Kaylee Jordan will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in style: by having dinner at the Hampton Social, a swanky rooftop restaurant in Nashville. 

This will be a departure from years past. “Every other year we usually go to Cracker Barrel. I don’t know why,” Devin says.

Devin and Kaylee got married July 27, 2019, a mere two months after graduating from Warren County High School. They met years before that, at a birthday party the summer after seventh grade. After their first meeting, they exchanged texts for a week or so before setting up their first date. 

The date took place at the Three Star Cinema for a showing of “The Fault in Our Stars,” a weeper starring young adults Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as terminally ill cancer patients falling in love.

The two dated continuously after that, through the rest of middle and high school. In high school, Kaylee was a manager for the football team, while Devin suited up for coach Tom Moore. Devin has fond memories of those years and of his former coach. 

“He’s something else,” he says of Moore, an affable man who spoke often of his days owning a Smoothie King and who could not go without his McIntosh apples. “He always had to have one,” he says of Moore and his apples.

Around sophomore or junior year of high school, Devin and Kaylee knew marriage was in their future. Devin worked up the courage to ask her grandparents for her hand. After getting their blessing, he set about saving up the money for an engagement ring. Thus, his senior year consisted of attending school, going to football practice, then hustling over to Arby’s to work closing shifts there.

Devin and Kaylee ended up achieving Prom King and Queen honors at their senior prom, then graduated high school, got married, and started building a life together. Ever since high school ended, Devin has been working toward a degree at Tennessee Tech, while Kaylee has started her own business, Glo Studio in McMinnville. 

The couple resided in Cookeville for a couple years but they have since relocated back to McMinnville. As of January 2022, they are proud owners of a home.

The Jordans are relishing the stability and peace of mind that come with owning a home. No matter how busy they are through the week, Sundays are their days to simply relax. They lie around, hang out, play with their pet boxer Laila, watch movies, chill, do whatever really. “As long as we’ve got Sundays, we’re good,” Devin says.

As far as movies go, Kaylee likes scary movies, a la “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the “Saw” franchise. Devin goes for sports and football movies like “We Are Marshall,” “The Blind Side,” and “Varsity Blues.” He is warming to the horror movies of his spouse, though, and he recently endured a marathon of all the “Scream” movies with her. 

“I’m getting dragged into it,” he says of the horror genre.

Future plans for the couple include Devin attending graduate school and becoming a physical therapist, and Kaylee expanding her skin care business. They would also like to start a family.

As to what has made them gel and succeed as a couple, Devin points to the fact they both are mature for their age and were mature even as middle school and high school students. He adds Kaylee is supportive, caring, and loving. “She knows what to say and when to say it,” he says. “We always balance each other out.”

Devin says he is grateful to have found such a wonderful person with whom to share his life. Whether they are kicking it on a Sunday watching scary movies, eating at the Fiesta Ranchera by Krystal, or heading out to Gatlinburg for a getaway, what is important is that he and Kaylee are together. 

Speaking about those Gatlinburg trips, which they take every year in late June to celebrate their anniversary, Devin says, “We can stay in a Motel 6 for all we care.”