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Couples participate in unique date night
1 son mother toasting
Lakeshia and Trevyon Curry toast to the special evening they shared at the recent event.

Several parents took advantage of special nights created for mothers and sons, and for fathers and daughters to bond at unique Date Nights last weekend. Both events were held at the Viola Community Center.
The Parent Christmas Project at Brookside Headstart planned both events as a way to raise funds for their program to help 58 lower income children have a great holiday. The group will purchase gifts for the children taken from specific lists from the children.
On Friday, mothers and sons enjoyed a delicious meal of ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and green beans. Each child got their own bottle of sparkling grape juice, as well as assorted sweets.
They participated in fun, active games such as a shooting range, table hockey and bag races. The boys pitted their Styrofoam planes against their mom’s, as she had to make hers from a sheet of paper. Together, they also made Ninja turtle ornaments as a memento of the evening. 
Later in the evening, the lights were turned down low, and underneath a black light, some took to the dance floor. Glow sticks were available for them, as well as balloons lit from the inside on the floor.
Winter and Neoma Brannam attended the date night with friends Chase and Holly Denton. They did spend some time on the dance floor, but enjoyed the many activities.
“We wanted to show the boys they can do fun things with us, too,” said Denton. "We are trying to raise little gentlemen, and talked about manners to them.” 
Another couple of attendees, Chandi and son Kacen Nunley, 6, anticipated a fun night.
“We always do stuff with his sister, so we decided to dress-up, and come here and dance,” said Chandi.
Saturday night was for the girls and their fathers or father figures to have some fun. The activities changed a little, in an effort to cater to their interests. They, too, enjoyed a delicious meal as the night before.
“We planned different activities for the girls,” said organizer Sabrina Wanamaker. “We wanted it to be special for them, and we had a corsage for each girl attending. Everyone had the opportunity to have their photo taken by photographer Lisa Maloy.”
The little ladies could also make ornaments and cookies. They also enjoyed cookies and milk as a snack. Some took park in bag racing, made craft planes and designed reindeers or Santas from cups. Dancing under the blacklights was a very fun time with them, dancing with their dates and their friends.  
“Both nights were a success,” said Wanamaker. “I feel a lot of memories were made, but many more children will have something to smile about because of this event.”