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Community revved for Super Sunday
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You don’t have to be a Denver Bronco or Seattle Seahawk fan to appreciate a good deal on a new TV. The week before the Super Bowl is the best time of year to buy a big-screen TV, even better than Black Friday, according to industry analysts.
The Super Bowl is not only an exciting time for pro football fans, the game creates its own economic boost with people flocking to grocery stores to buy party supplies, or making the plunge for a new showpiece TV.
“We definitely get a good lift,” said Foodland Plus owner Dennis Lann. “All the party snack stuff, the party meat and cheese trays, and chicken tenders are all good sellers. The Saturday before the Super Bowl is always a good day in the grocery business. And the Sunday of the Super Bowl is busy till around 4:30 or 5 p.m.”
Kickoff for the game is traditionally around 5:30 p.m., which is the scheduled start time this year.
If you bought a new big screen in preparation for the game, you’re not alone. The Consumer Electronics Association says about 25 percent of TV buyers get a new set specifically for the Super Bowl. The best deals are typically for the bigger TVs since you’re not going to wow your friends with a 32-inch set. Amazon was offering a 55-inch Samsung for 40 percent off.
Another popular Super Bowl activity is ordering pizza. Our local Pizza Hut normally sells around 300 large pizzas for the game, along with 150 to 175 pounds of chicken wings.
“It’s our busiest Sunday of the year for sure,” said Pizza Hut manager Elaine Lawson. “We sell a lot of pizzas and a lot of wings. It’s hectic, but it’s a fun kind of hectic. Employees are allowed to wear jeans and team jerseys, and we bring finger food for the back.”
Even though Pizza Hut expects to be busy, the dining room will be mostly bare, Lawson said. That’s because most people want pickup or delivery so they can stay in front of a TV.
“Every driver is scheduled to work and every management person is scheduled,” said Lawson. “I only have two people on staff who aren’t scheduled to be here. We’ll have three front registers going, plus one back register. And I’ll only have one server on the floor.”
For folks who enjoy watching the game at a local sports bar, Dr. D’s on Smithville Highway has been open three-and-a-half years.
“I’ll have a lot of my regulars and a few other people too who come for the Super Bowl,” said Dr. D’s owner Doug Lott. “I always put out a big spread of food and that draws people in. We’re basically the only sports bar in town. We have five high-def TVs that cover the whole bar. We’ll have a good time.”
On Spring Street, Six Packen Angels will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with beer and wing specials for the Super Bowl.
“This is a big deal for me because three other bars opened at the same time we did last year and we’re the only one still open,” said Six Packen Angels owner Kenneth King. “The Super Bowl was our grand opening last year so we’re going to make a big deal of it this year by giving away door prizes and having specials like 75-cent wings.”
Denver and Seattle both finished the regular season 13-3 and enter the Super Bowl with 15-3 records. The opening line had Denver favored by 1 point, but that margin crept higher and the Broncos were favored by 2 as of Friday morning.