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Come on down!
Hickory Creek festival takes game show theme
Anna Graves takes a punch in the Punch A Bunch game and finds money in her compartment. Ruth Ann McInnis assists in the game.

Hickory Creek Elementary students were treated to the chance to “come on down” during their recent fall festival.
In a unique twist to the usual fall festival fare, Hickory Creek offered students the chance to participate in a “Price Is Right”-style game show with kindergarten teacher Brent Estes serving as host.
Adding to the excitement were the prizes. Students were not playing for erasers or flimsy plastic toys, the typical fall festival prizes. In some games, they were playing for cold cash.
No one knows that better than Anna Graves, who found pay dirt playing the Punch A Bunch game. In three punches, Anna pulled out several bills from the compartments.
The game show was held in the school gym with students buying tickets as they entered. Each ticket they bought was placed in a fishbowl with Mr. Estes drawing out tickets on stage. If students had a lucky ticket match, they got to race through the crowd to take their place on stage and play a game.
In true “Price Is Right” fashion, students got to answer questions to improve their chances. In the putt-putt golf game, Luke Payne got to inch closer to the hole by correctly answering math problems such as 3x7 and 20-16. Thanks to his answers, he was able to take his putt very close to the hole.
Luke calmly sank the pressure-packed putt and was rewarded for his skill with a $50 gift card from Walmart.
In another neat game, students got to see how many Oreos they could balance on their forehead.
At one point, Mr. Estes announced an Arby’s combo meal would be awarded to the first five students to bring a paper clip on stage. A mad scramble ensued.
In a cheese puff toss, three teachers were called on stage to have their heads covered with shaving cream. Students then tried to toss the cheese puffs and get them to stick in the shaving cream.
Another highlight was Plinko with the added excitement of a space offering $20 cash. No one managed to hit the $20 jackpot space, but money was handed out to three lucky students, including Bailey McCormick.
With the game show concept deemed a success, teachers are already talking about ways to improve the program for next year. With valuable prizes from Graves Technology, Zaxby’s, and more, interest is expected to be high.