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Boyd students cap off Earth Day with art
Boyd Earth Day 1.jpg
Fourth grade won the recycled art competition at Boyd Christian School for Earth Day on Friday with their turtle wearing sunglasses made out of bottle caps. Pictured, from left, are Warren Herrin, Bennett Perry, Anagail Akers, Kendal Rogers, Daniel Wittekina, and Nolan Keele. - photo by Bethany Porter

Boyd Christian School got into the Earth Day spirit on Friday by having an art competition using recycled bottle caps. 

Art teacher Judy Henson came up with the idea of using recycled bottle caps for the school’s community project this year. Each grade created its own bottle cap mosaic that fit the under the sea category. 

“We always have a community project each year and this year it was Earth Day and last year it was Bird Day. For Earth Day, I thought we recycled bottles last year and made plant holders out of them, so this year I thought why don’t we use the bottle caps?” said Henson.

Henson said there were a lot of people donating all kinds of bottle caps for the project and it helped them realize just how much plastic is being thrown away. They used a variety of bottle caps including peanut butter lids, glue lids, and soda bottle caps.  

“Everybody donated bottle caps for us. Ladies at our Wednesday night Bible class they would bring little bags of bottle caps each week so we had plenty. I thought it was a good turnout and it made everyone stop and think about how many bottle caps we throw away,” said Henson.

On Friday, the winners of the recycled art project competition were announced and the winner received a fish tank. The art projects were voted on and fourth grade’s project was the big winner. Their art project was a turtle wearing sunglasses and fourth-graders said they had fun time making it.

Preschool won the Early Bird Award for turning their project in first and received a smaller fish tank. The preschoolers also learned about Earth Day on Friday. 

When asked what Earth Day was about, preschooler Ryan Yates said, “It means learning about Earth.”

Preschooler Juli Key was asked what Earth Day means and she said, “That we live on it,” and said that before lunch they explored things like dirt, clouds, bees, and spiders to learn about Earth Day. When her teacher asked her what we have to do for the Earth, Juli said, “We have to give it water.” 

Boyd’s annual Spring Flower sale also coincided with Earth Day with multiple parent volunteers helping to distribute the ordered flowers. Over 1,100 plants were going to be distributed.