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Boyd holds Rally Around the Pole
F.C. Boyd Christian students and faculty joined together to pray for the school and the community in their Rally Around the Pole activity. The staff recognized High Funeral Home as a supporter, and recognized guests Brandon Harris and Steve West.

Boyd Christian School faculty members, students and supporters recently held their Rally Around the Pole activity at the school. The day is set aside to talk about and remember to be thankful for the Christian school and its importance to the community, to pray with friends and teachers, and to worship and study God’s word together. This is the 38th year for the school, located at 806 Morrison Street.
“This day is used to remember and be thankful for the men and women who have worked so hard to establish this school and see to her success,” said principal Jessica Akers. “We recognize we would not exist except for the numerous people in our community who value a Christian education and continually make sacrifices so that we can be here.”  
Each year the board of directors chooses an individual or group to recognize who is absolutely instrumental to the success of Boyd Christian School. This year High Funeral Home was recognized for its continual support, constant friendship, and advocacy of Boyd Christian School.
“Their generosity and friendship have been invaluable, and their continual attitude of service is not only appreciated but is recognized as a determining factor in our survival and growth,” said Akers.