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All in the family
Boyd Valedictorians twins
Co-valedictorians and twin sisters, from left, Hannah and Morgan Young share the honor and will speak at Boyd's graduation May 24.

Two highly motivated students have earned the right to be called valedictorians at Boyd Christian High School.

Twins Hannah and Morgan Young are quick to say they are close, and enjoy spending time with each other. They both have the competitive gene, and decided a while back their goal was for one of them to be the class valedictorian and the other the salutatorian.

When their grades were tallied, they came out to a perfect tie, with a weighted GPA of 4.18. Both girls scored 25 on their ACT.

“We didn’t set out to beat each other, but we were always comparing our grades,” said Hannah. “Maybe she would score higher on one test, and then I would make it up in another area.”

The girls are also students at Motlow State Community College, already earning 27 college credits. When they start Middle Tennessee State University in the fall, they will be entering freshman, but in actuality they are sophomores.

They are applying for the honors program at MTSU, and will room together.

“We are so close, we finish each other’s sentences, can look at each other and say the same thing, so it’s second nature for us to work together,” said Morgan.

Even though they are identical twins, they say they are complete opposites. One is right-handed and the other left, Hannah loves science and Morgan enjoys reading and art.

They have attended Boyd for six years, and feel it has had a very positive influence on their lives.

“I just love Boyd and it has been a good thing for me,” said Hannah. “We were homeschooled before, and everyone here has become a family to me. I would choose Boyd again without a doubt.”

Morgan voiced some of the same positive comments about the school.

“I have made so many close friends here and it has made me into someone I didn’t think I could ever be,” said Morgan. “I’m the best me I can be because of the Boyd staff and administration.”

Hannah plans to start in pre-med, and after she develops interest in a specific field, will focus on that area. She has received numerous awards during her high school career, and she is a member of Rockliff Church of Christ.

Morgan focus her college career around either social work of psychology because of her strong desire to help people. She, too, has earned several high school accolades and played volleyball, basketball and softball. She is a member of Bybee Branch Church of Christ. 

Boyd principal Jessica Akers is very proud of the girls, and said, “Morgan and Hannah are truly remarkable young ladies. Their work ethic, determination and kindness is a joy to be around. We look forward to the wonderful things they will accomplish.”