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After Thoughts
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To my faithful readers, I now report the kitchen/bath renovation is almost done. Just a few, finish-up last-minute things and we are through. Finished with remodeling for a while, I hope.
After writing in one of my previous columns about the ups and downs of remodeling, I got lots of comments and words of understanding from folks in the community. I appreciate all the responses, and am so glad I’m not alone in the remodeling dilemma. 
I must say we do have a nice kitchen, with lovely cabinets and countertops. I have to praise our contractor, Paul Freeman, and his guys Bryan and Tony, for their very competent work. They tried to do everything Michael and I suggested, and didn’t laugh once (not to our faces anyway) at some of the things we came up with.
With that project complete, I am now embarking on another adventure. This is, at least, something I have done before — plan a wedding. Our youngest daughter, Emily is marrying her long-time beau, Davey Britton on June 11. They are getting married at our family farm in the barnyard. I know, when you hear barnyard, you think of smelly animals, but we haven’t had any animals there for a while. Over the years we have had an assortment, mainly horses. Emily’s horses, and several we boarded for other people.
We live in the countryside of the Irving College community, and are a three-generation nursery family, so we are country folks. We love the outdoors, all of nature and animals. Emily and Davey have been brought up in that environment, he filling much of his childhood on this grandparents dairy farm in the Rock Island area. So it’s very appropriate they want to be married outside in a farm setting. 
Weddings can be such a fun time, family and friends getting together to celebrate the forming of a new family. A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives, whether it’s an intimate occasion with just family members, or a large elegant event. I feel it should reflect the couple’s unique tastes and personality. I read somewhere the average United States wedding costs $20,000, which I thought was extravagant. Then I read on to learn the average wedding in Japan costs a whopping $70,000! What are they thinking?
Many wedding traditions have changed over the years. Couples used to would not see each other before the wedding ceremony, but now they sometimes opt for getting together for a special moment and take photos before the ceremony. Most brides choose to wear white on their wedding day, but ancient brides wore bright colors to signify their joy. The receiving line at the reception developed from ancient belief, that on their wedding day, the couple brought good luck to everyone they touched. Many modern couples prefer to make the rounds and greet their guest during the reception. 
Along with all the wedding day traditions and predictions, the one I don’t want to experience is the rain on your wedding day bringing good luck idea. Emily and Davey will just have to get their good luck somewhere else — maybe a four-leaf clover in the barnyard!