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Rock Island Trolley Stop offers plenty of sweet treats
Rock Island Trolley Stop - main.jpg
Rock Island Trolley Stop has opened at the entrance to Rock Island State Park. The trolley offers a wide variety of ice cream creations. Pictured, from left, are Shelby Geer, Katie Gurgainers, Bella Morgan and Shana Simmons. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Be prepared to scream, because we all scream for ice cream. 

Rock Island Trolley Stop is making its mark with frozen treats, from traditional to the outlandish. The business, owned by Arthur and Cindy Morgan and managed by Shana Simmons, serves up the delicious treats out of a renovated trolley. 

Simmons reports that the ice cream business is booming. 

“We had a soft opening the weekend before Labor Day, but we were closed Labor Day weekend,” said Simmons. “We officially opened after Labor Day and it has been amazing. The response from the community has been overwhelming.” 

While the uniqueness of the trolley could be what’s drawing people in, they stay for what can only be described as mad creations affectionately called “freak shakes.” Among those are a “Mountain Man,” “Sheriff’s in Town,” “It’s Fall Y’all,” and “Bubble Waffle.”

Bring an appetite if you’re brave enough to tackle a Mountain Main. 

“We drizzle the inside of the cup with marshmallow and Hersey syrup and then we pour in a chocolate shake,” said Simmons. “The rim has chocolate icing on it and rolled in graham cracker bits. We then top the chocolate milkshake with whip. We toast a large marshmallow on a skewer and place it on the back of the milkshake and place small Hershey bars and put them beside it and two graham crackers. We top it with more Hersey syrup, marshmallow and more graham crackers. It’s very, very good.”

The Sheriff could put the cuffs on even the largest of appetites. 

“It’s a coffee and donuts ice cream,” said Simmons. “We put caramel drizzle on the cup and sprinkles around the cups rim. We pour the milkshake in. It’s a coffee ice cream. Then we top it with whip, more caramel drizzle, a donut and sprinkles.”

The mastermind behind creating “Freak Shakes” and naming them is Cindy.

“Cindy is a genus,” said Simmons. “When it comes to being creative, she is the girl to call. If you show me how to do it once, I can make them like crazy. When it comes to creativity, that’s Cindy. We were calling that one Freak Shake, coffee and donuts. I told her that it was lame in comparison to the other names. I wanted it to be police… something. I walked off and came back a couple minutes later and on the board she had written “Sheriff’s in Town.” That was so cute.”

A Fall Y’all contains Nutella, salted caramel, apple fritter and peanuts, and a Bubble Waffle does contain a waffle and ice cream, chocolate drizzle, whip, chocolate bars and a toasted marshmallow. 

Also offered are traditional favorites, such as banana splits and sundaes, no sugar added ice cream for diabetics and Boba Teas, also commonly known as Bubble Tea. 

“We haven’t served as many Boba Teas, because people are just now realizing that we have them,” said Simmons. “They are definitely becoming more popular. It’s really difficult to explain what they are, but they are very good.”

Soon to the menu will be ice cream for people suffering from lactose intolerances.

If you were one of many children who enjoyed licking the bowl as your mother cooked a cake, the trolley stop has something for you. 

“We also have a Bucket Licker’s club,” said Simmons. “When we get done with a bucket of ice cream, we give those away. The only requirement for joining the Bucket Licker’s Club is you allow us to photograph you for our Facebook. People have a lot of fun with that.”

The new business is already looking to expand. 

“We have a second trolley that we are wanting to place beside this trolley so it looks more like a trolley stop,” said Simmons. “We’ll have tables in there for people to each their ice cream. It will be like a little party bus. We want a dining area for people who don’t want to sit at the picnic tables.”

When asked if there is anything on the menu that isn’t delicious, Simmons replied, “Not really. It’s all good.”

Rock Island Trolley Stop is located at 1189 Rock Island Road in Rock Island. Hours are 5:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, and 12-6:30 p.m. on Sunday. Closed Monday and Wednesday. 

For more information, visit the shop on Facebook.