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Railroad Country Café opens at Depot Bottom
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After 17 years of operating the market in Westwood, Cindy Thomas has opened Railroad Country Café near the tracks at Depot Bottom. Business was booming on Friday.

Cindy Thomas is on the right track at Railroad Country Café.

After 17 years of operating the store in Westwood, Cindy has found a new spot to serve her delicious country cooking. Her customers have been quick to follow her to her new location.

“This is like eating at my grandma’s house,” said Mary Rodriguez, a regular customer. “It’s good, home-cooked food. I don’t like the fast food restaurants so I come here because I want some real food. Some days I get a meat and two. And some days it’s a meat and give me everything you’ve got.”

Cindy shut down her business in Westwood on Oct. 28 because the property owners were ready to do different things with the building. She was quick to land on her feet at Depot Bottom in the green building located next to what was a longtime hardware store.

“This was really our first full week here,” said Cindy on Friday. “Our other two weeks were abbreviated weeks. So far we’ve been blessed. We’re seeing a lot of our regular customers and we’re seeing some new faces too.”

The store at Westwood was always a place to gather for morning coffee and gossip. Now there’s a new spot for that with tasty breakfast food to boot.

Talking to customers coming in and out Friday during the lunch rush, the chicken ‘n dumplins and the pepper steak are two of the most popular meats. If you don’t want to order off the food bar, it was stressed that the hamburger is awfully good.

Hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday. The phone number is 473-8528.

Railroad Country Café is located at a spot that’s been a revolving door for restaurants. But Cindy and co-worker Sharon Lawson have a customer base like no other restaurant that’s moved into that location -- and they may just be the ones who can break the cycle.

If you recall, the restaurant next to AutoZone never could keep a tenant. It was even said by some business speculators, because of the high turnover rate, that location would never work as a restaurant. 

Then Fiesta Ranchero 3 moved in and it’s been there for more than a decade. That ended that argument.

Cindy has that same opportunity at Depot Bottom. She could transform a location that’s been in constant transition and carve out a nice spot for herself near the tracks.