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Natural gas a highly efficient energy
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Middle Tennessee Natural Gas will be moving into a new facility on Manchester Highway in the coming weeks.
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The United States is blessed with an abundance of natural gas. As will be seen later, natural gas is attractively affordable, is environmentally friendly, and can be exploited in a number of ways.  

Our rural natural gas provider is Middle Tennessee Natural Gas, which has been operating since the 1950s. MTNG will be moving into a brand new facility this month on 4001 Manchester Highway near Warren County High School and the Webb House. The new facility features 30,000 square feet of space at an estimated cost of $2.3 million.  

The facility facilitates much more equipment and inventory storage than the current location. MTNG has 5 acres of land at the new site, so there is ample room for the future.  The new facility is a copy of the recent MTNG location in Sparta.  

I interviewed with Ed Kelley who is vice president-chief operating office of operations and customer service at MTNG main headquarters at 1030 W. Broad Street in Smithville. MTNG has Smithville as its headquarters due to two key persons from DeKalb County who helped establish the utility – McAllen Foutch and M.T. Puckett.  

Mr.  Foutch and Mr. Puckett served in the Tennessee General Assembly with Mr. Foutch having served as Speaker of the House. With their leading role in the founding of MTNG, the headquarters location honors them.  

Also Smithville is central to the 22-country service area. The utility operates with eight offices. MTNG says there are five areas that called the “Big 5” which are Crossville, Dayton, Sparta, McMinnville, and Smithville. Crossville is the largest office boosted by the natural gas intense ceramic manufacturing there.  

The corporate fiscal year begins April 1.  The new 2021-22 fiscal year will set a company record for capital spending of $25 million. Capital spending is normally achieved by excess revenues received over cost. The company has 135 employees with 15 working in McMinnville. The company website is Employee vacancies are listed on this website for interested parties.  

The organization chart for MTNG management is as follows:

Board of

Commissioners (7)

Mike Baily

President of the Board

Mike Davidson

V.P. – CEO

Dan Hicks

V.P. – CFO

Ed Kelley

V.P. – COO 

Matt Stennett

V.P. – Engineering

Mike Corley

General Counsel 


Justin Phillips

McMinnville Superintendent

MTNG customers and employees benefit from the use of AMR – automated meter reading. A meter reader can take a very accurate reading from several hundred feet with an automated device. This saves time and cost.  

MTNG not only sells natural gas but also gas water heaters (tank and tankless), gas grills (note the low cost above), gas ranges, and gas outdoor security lamps.

They also handle installation and customer service if a problem occurs.  

Ed Kelley advised that natural gas enjoys a market share of approximately 25% or better compared to electricity across the MTNG service area. 

 Ed noted that new homes costing $200,000 or more typically are set up for natural gas usage, while homes costing $150,000 or less are normally all electric. MTNG’s business is almost exactly 50/50 – 50% comes from conversions with existing homes while 50% is with new homes. It is interesting to note that one of the largest natural gas users of recent times are electricity producers with gas-powered turbines.  

One question that comes up is will MTNG run natural gas line to one home? MTNG has a policy that if there are 13 customers within a one-mile distance, they will put in the gas line(s) for servicing.  

MTNG offers excellent employment opportunities with health and dental plans, life and disability insurance, and retirement benefits while providing a valuable service to their communities. Through their program Project Hometown Help, they make a difference to every community they are located in.  

BRAC congratulates the new and beautiful MTNG facility on the Highway 55 four lane.  MTNG is a key supplier to homes and plants throughout Warren County.

We look forward to many years of continued service.