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Mary's Greenhouse closing
Mary's Greenhouse family.jpg
It’s with great sadness Mary’s Greenhouse has announced it will be closing. Pictured, from left, are Gary Hamby, Beth Jacobs, Charlotte Hamby, Beth Hamby and Mike Hamby.
Mary's Greenhouse - flowers.jpg
Through the years, Mary’s Greenhouse has offered a wide selection of beautiful flowers. Begonias, pictured in the foreground, are just one of the many offerings.

Mary’s Greenhouse has flowered for more than 40 years.

But that flower will fade in the coming months as the business so many Warren County residents have grown to love has announced it will be closing.

“We have reached a point in our lives when the challenges of running Mary’s are such that we think it is best to close,” family members said in a statement to the Standard. “We are living in rapidly changing times and several factors have played into this difficult decision. One factor being that Mary Hamby’s grandchildren have all pursued other interests and there isn’t a new generation to continue on.”

This is a very sad business development. For garden lovers around Middle Tennessee, Mary’s Greenhouse has been there to provide the pop to landscaping needs both large and small. 

Through the years, Mary’s Greenhouse has flourished to become a Warren County institution. Started with a few greenhouses on Meiser Lane behind Delores Market, the business found fertile soil in Warren County. The greenhouses began to multiply and so did the selection.

In its present-day iteration, Mary’s offered just about everything, from prized annuals to rare perennials. For garden lovers, it was a spot to visit in the spring for a jolt of happiness as the Mary’s greenhouses oozed with blooms and colors.

“What I’ll miss most is the flowers,” said family member Charlotte Hamby. “I’ll miss the people and I’ll miss the flowers.”

While bursting with color and vibrancy, the greenhouse business is not a walk in the park. It’s a 365-day operation that has its obstacles, just like any other business.

When asked about the challenges of the greenhouse industry, it was pointed out there’s not protection from the elements. When it’s hot outside, employees are hot. When it’s cold outside, employees stay cold.

The work weeks can extend into tirelessly long hours. This is especially true in the spring when seven-day work weeks are the norm.

Despite the swarm of customers who visit Mary’s Greenhouse in the spring, the business is an 85% wholesale operation. That may seem unlikely due to the high crowds in April, May and June, but there are few retails customers outside of those months.

No exact closing date has been determined. Mary’s Greenhouse plans to sell off its remaining inventory and close at some point this fall.

Should anyone be interested, the business is for sale. Mary’s can be contacted at 668-2119.

The impending closing of Mary’s will leave Warren County at a loss when it comes to garden supplies. There was a day when flower nurseries were prevalent in our community.

Morton’s Horticulture once operated a thriving sales yard on Smithville Highway that closed some 15 years ago. Hobbs Nursery was long active in the West Riverside community before closing about three years ago.

With Mary’s on the way out, many local residents are wondering where they might get their flowers in the Nursery Capital of the World.