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Green Clean fights COVID
Jeffery Green with hazmat BETTER.jpg
Jeffery Green wears a hazmat suit and respirator as he works to clean a break room at a local factory of any COVID contamination.

Jeffery Green has a great motto for his business.

“We clean everything,” he said.

These days, that entails cleaning like never before and A Green Clean Team is up to the challenge.

“We are true cleaners and I’m talking detail cleaning,” said Green. “We do it all and we’re good at it. Getting things clean is how I'm wired.”

Since opening locally in July, Jeffery says his crew has been hard at work. They recently did a major COVID-19 cleansing at a booming local industry that was forced to largely shut down for two weeks due to coronavirus exposure.

Jeffery and his team came in wearing hazmat suits and cleaned everything from the vending machines in the break room to tools scattered around the plant. This type of deep cleaning ensures the facility is COVID-free.

Jeffery explained they use a chemical called Shock Wave which is proven effective in eliminating coronavirus. The chemical is sprayed on a surface and then wiped off.

“It’s 100% effective,” explained Jeffery, who said he uses a cleaner which eliminates microbials. “I go above and beyond CDC guidelines. We fumigate and wipe all surfaces. It’s a four-step process.”

A Green Clean Team has done recent work for the Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Development Board.

If you’d like an estimate on what it will cost to have your home, office, or factory cleaned by Green Clean Team, the business can be reached at (931) 841-8439. Jeffery has nearly 25 years in the business after operating a similar company in Kentucky and he can clean anything that’s dirty, including carpets.