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Grandy's to begin hiring process
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Grandy's is eyeing the last week of October to begin hiring for its new location coming in to the former Bojangles building on Smithville Highway. The restaurant plans adding 45 to 50 employees. The chain offers "comfort food" and seeks to trigger a sense of nostalgia and tradition. Grandy's currently has over 60 locations spread across the nation.

Grandy’s will seek to hire up to 50 employees next month. 

“We will begin our hiring around the week of Oct. 26,” said Chris Benner. “Hiring will take place at the restaurant location which is the former Bojangles building in McMinnville on Smithville Highway. We intend to hire around 45 to 50 total employees.”

“At its very core Grandy’s is a celebration of all things southern--the values and traditions that we hold near and dear to our hearts, and the type of food that brings us together.

“There’s a reason our food is called “comfort food,” and Grandy’s makes no excuses for it. For more than 30 years Grandy’s has provided the same, great tasting meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in more than 60 locations across the country.

According to its website, “Becoming part of the Grandy’s family means just that--when you work with us, you’re working with people who care, not only about the jobs they’re performing but also about their community and serving the people who live in it. Grandy’s isn’t just another restaurant. It’s nostalgia. It is memories. It is tradition. At the end of the day, our team is committed to serving the food we love to the people who love it. And if you share that passion, we’d sure love to meet you.”

Folks will be able to apply at in person or online at: