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Business Pulse - Pizza Hut buffet back in business
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There are some events in life that have a way of staying in your memory.

I’ll always remember where I was when I proposed to Cupcake. I remember exactly where I was when I heard planes had crashed into the World Trade Center.

And I’ll remember where I was when I learned the Pizza Hut buffet had reopened. It was Thursday morning at 8:15 a.m. when the email arrived to my inbox.

“Pizza Hut is reopening the buffet today!!” said an email from local manager Natalie Templeton.

On its face, the news is tremendous. It’s been more than two years since we’ve been able to indulge in the popular Pizza Hut buffet. It has been missed as a convenient lunchtime option.

On a larger level, the pizza buffet reopening is symbolic of our nation healing and returning to everyday life as we climb out of the dark COVID hole that upended all aspects of our society. The Pizza Hut buffet is a return to normalcy, a sign everything will be OK, at least until we’re gunned down by an AR-15.

The return of the buffet has been greeted with open arms by a hungry Warren County community. Pizza Hut was swamped with customers on Friday and sold 146 buffets during the 2.5hour lunch period.

“The buffet has really brought a bunch of people in,” said Natalie.

The buffet is offered Monday thru Friday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The cost is $9.99.

Also of note, the Pizza Hut salad bar has returned too. It’s open and available during all dining room hours for $6.99. It’s all you can eat any time of the day or night.

Thank you Pizza Hut for helping us heal.

Special IDB meeting

A special meeting of the McMinnville-Warren County Industrial Development Board has been called for this Thursday, June 9, at 1:15 p.m. in the Community Room of the Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider an industrial project that’s been in the works for several months.

IDB executive director Don Alexander was super secretive about the meeting when I asked him about it Friday. There’s only so much Don can say and when it comes to this meeting it wasn’t much at all.

The special meeting does tell us with absolute certainty there is a hot prospect considering Warren County and that prospect is ready to act. The normal monthly meeting of the IDB is just one week later on June 16 so to call a special meeting just one week before that tells us somebody is ready to get down to business.

Property across From Delores

Trees are being removed from property directly across from Delores Market on Smithville Highway. It’s prompted several people to ask me what’s going on.

I caught up with property owner David Cathey on Friday and he told me he’s getting the 2.6 acres cleaned up in preparation for a new commercial development. What that development will be has yet to be determined, but David said he thinks it will be a great spot for a gas station.

“You see gas stations located across the street from each other wherever you go so it wouldn’t be unusual to have one across from Delores at all,” said David. “Delores has some old pumps and the business is getting dated. I think a new gas station would work well.”

David didn’t rule out the possibility of something else like storage units at that spot. He says the commercial property is for sale, along with nine residential lots he owns in the nearby subdivision on McClaran Street, which is off Grizzell Road.

“Al McClaran, who spent 25 years in the Navy, developed all that. He bought around 30 acres and made 33 residential lots and one commercial piece of property. He’s a real rags-to-riches story who invested in property everywhere he lived. He even built his own church.”

It’s undetermined what will ultimately go in that spot across from Delores. David said his immediate goal is to get it cleaned up.

Adam Triplett Starts welding

It’s always refreshing to see a recent WCHS graduate who is brimming with ambition. Adam Triplett certainly falls into that category.

Adam, who turns 19 next month, has already opened his own business, Triplett Welding Service. He’s available for all your welding needs by calling (931) 808-9277.

“One attractive part of the business is I offer a mobile welding service,” said Adam. “I can go into the middle of a hayfield to make a repair if I need to. I’m fortunate enough to have all the equipment I need on my truck and trailer.”

One thing our high school does very well is it starts students on vocational training while they are still at WCHS, if that’s the path they choose to take. Adam took two years of welding in high school and enrolled at TCAT in September after graduating with the Class of 2021 in May.

Adam completed his TCAT training just a few months ago in February and has attained certification in all processes of welding. Such a person is commonly called a combo welder.

Adam is currently working at Ironhorse Trailers while he gets his own business off the ground. He welds the chassis frames that are used to manufacture upscale motorcycle trailers at Ironhorse.

“They are really working with me at Ironhorse and allowing me to work just 24 hours a week while I get my business up and running,” said Adam. “I’m slowly starting to build a clientele and get more and more jobs. I’m willing to go where I’m needed and I’m willing to work on weekends. I will do what it takes to get the job done.”

Getting to talk to young, energetic people who are excited about building a business is one of the great perks of writing this column. The older generation likes to talk about the “kids of today” and shake their head, but folks like Adam Triplett show there is indeed promise for a bright future.

If you’d like to get in contact with Adam about a welding or fabricating job, he can be reached by call or text at 808-9277.

That’s all folks

I’ve received several business tips in recent weeks and I appreciate the interest. Send me an email at editor@southernstandard. com for business news you’d like to see in this column.