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Business Pulse - Locals win Kubota Sidekick
Kubota -Sidekick winners.jpg
George and Trena Tate sit in the Kubota Sidekick they won from Tennessee Valley Tractor in a nationwide Kubota giveaway. Five winners were drawn from over 20,000 entries in the United States. Pictured, from left, are David Woodlee, George Tate, Trena Tate, local dealership owner Chris Ridge, Kaci Woodlee, and Kubota regional sales manager Justin Ferguson.

What could be better than owning a Kubota Sidekick?

Owning a free Kubota Sidekick!

Local residents George and Trena Tate are among a select few in America who know that feeling after being announced winners of the Kubota Field Event Sidekick Giveaway. The Tates picked up their free Sidekick from Tennessee Valley Tractor on Monday as just 1 of 5 winners in the entire U.S.

“There were over 20,000 entries nationwide and we’re pleased to have a winner from our service area,” said Tennessee Valley Tractor representative Kaci Woodlee. “Kubota has five districts and we’re in the Southeast Division. They picked one winner from each division for a total of five U.S. winners. It was really exciting to have someone here to win it.”

The Sidekick is Kubota’s fastest RTV capable of reaching speeds of 40 mph. But it’s not built just for speed. It’s capable of hauling a load up to half a ton in its rugged steel cargo box and is so powerful it can tow a boat.

With scorching temperatures in the 90s, the transition from summer to fall can’t arrive fast enough for some folks. Kaci said hunting season is on the horizon and Tennessee Valley Tractor has a full line of side-by-sides to help with your expedition or off-roading needs.

I want to extend a hearty congratulations to George and Trena for being the proud new owners of a free Sidekick. Their offer to let me borrow it next weekend is especially gracious.

Tennessee Valley Tractor is located at 532 Harrison Ferry Road. The phone number is 474-1201.

Realty company

Ready to grow

The real estate market in Warren County is buzzing with energy and bringing never-before-seen prices for homes. If you’re looking for assistance with one of the most important decisions of your life, Tree City Realty has established roots with a new office at 210 N. Chancery Street.

Co-owners Jonathan Jones and Glenda Taylor lead a team with more than 40 years of expertise in the real estate business. They are ready to guide you through the home-buying process from start to finish, realizing the impact the right home can have in uniting a family.

“We had both been doing this on our own for some time and we were both at the same point in our careers where we wanted to open our own company,” said Jonathan. “We talked about it for a while and decided this was something we wanted to do together.”

The timing couldn’t be better with homes flying off the market nearly as quickly as they’re listed in some cases.

“I’ve seen a house sell as fast as four hours,” said Glenda. “I posted the listing at 10 a.m., showed it at noon, and received a full-price offer at 2 p.m.”

Added Jonathan, “Right now it’s better than it’s been in years. If you see a house you like, you better make an offer fast and be ready to buy. This is not a market for low-balling. That’s not going to work right now.”

Jonathan and Glenda say their depth of experience is crucial whether you’re buying or selling. If you’re a seller, it’s key to know how to best market your property, find buyers, set an asking price, and negotiate top dollar.

If you’re a buyer, Tree City Realty can help you with finding a lender, getting a home inspection, and putting first-time home buyers in touch with available incentives.

Tree City Realty certainly has the know-how. Jonathan is a Warren County native who began his real estate career in 2007. He grew up with a family in the real estate and construction business. 

His mother, Karen Jones, is a local renowned real estate agent and his father, James E. Jones, has worked construction for more than 50 years. Karen also works at Tree City Realty as an affiliate broker.

In an interesting bit of trivia, Jonathan won the National Banjo Championship in Winfield, Kan., at age 13. 

Glenda is also a Warren County native who has lived in the Middle Tennessee area her entire life. She says, “I may be a little biased but I believe Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places to live.” 

Glenda has a comprehensive knowledge of the area and strong sense of community while specializing in residential, lake and river properties, as well as commercial. She understands the impact of the decision to buy or sell a home.

In addition to Jonathan, Glenda and Karen, 32-year educator Regina Woodlee joins the staff as an affiliate broker. Tree City Realty can be reached at 474-SELL or reach Glenda on her cellphone at 273-1130 or Jonathan at 273-0962. The website is

Prepare for

Dollar General X

In my continuing push to count Dollar General stores like Super Bowls, Warren County is on the verge of a milestone. The target date is this Monday for the opening of our latest Dollar General, which will make 10 by my count.

The new store is near the Powers 4-Lane location on Sparta Highway at its intersection with Crain Road. Stephanie McPeak, a Dollar General employee for 10 years, has been named store manager.

“Dollar General is really branching out to offer a lot of new items,” said Stephanie, who previously worked at the DG in Rock Island. “This store has a lot of healthier options when it comes to food and it’s also added home décor.”

Janet Muse, the manager of the Rock Island store, describes Stephanie as an extremely hard worker and said, “I’ll have to hire six employees to replace her.” In addition to being a store manager, Janet previously served as a Dollar General district manager overseeing 20 stores.

“Dollar General has so much more to offer than it did years ago,” said Janet. “It’s had amazing growth and acceptance because when a Dollar General moves in, it really helps a community. If you want bread, milk or chips, they’re right when you walk in the door. You don’t have to go to the back of the store. It’s so quick to run in and out.”

When asked the most common items sold daily at Dollar General, Janet and Stephanie agree food and basic household goods like detergent or cleaning supplies are the most popular. But automotive and hardware supplies are gaining traction too.

It’s not difficult to believe Dollar General has a goal of building a store every six or seven miles. That’s because there is a store every six or seven miles, especially here in the Dollar General Capital of the World.

Next on the horizon is a Dollar General currently under construction in Viola. There’s no current timetable on when that store might open, but Janet said employment applications are now being accepted on the company’s website. 

Fight Father Time

With Sage

To my knowledge, no one has successfully won the battle against Father Time. Legend has it that explorer Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth, but could never find it.

Literary icon Dorian Gray made a deal to sell his soul for everlasting youthful beauty and it was agreed a full-length portrait would age in his place. But that agreement led to madness, murder and Dorian’s death.

A much simpler method to maintain youthful beauty is with visits to Sage Skincare and Wellness, now open at its new location next to Bobby Ray Elementary on N. Chancery Street.

Owner and esthetician Deanna Magar is ready to invigorate your appearance with a full line of natural products, including body cream, bath salts, soap, deodorant and even CBD products. She also offers a full line of skincare services such as microdermabrasion, facials, oxygen treatments and more.

“The products have no synthetic fragrance and no synthetic coloring,” said Deanna, who explained “synthetic” is used as a catchall term that can include one of 3,000 ingredients.

Deanna has a great philosophy when it comes to skincare. She says the skin reflects our internal state and shows signs of stress when we are depleted or fatigued. On the flip side, the skin can show radiance when we’re rested and replenished.

Deanna says the Sage skincare and body work philosophy centers on health and balance through the use of pure plant essences, a deep understanding of working with the body as a whole, and an ongoing commitment to learning. She’s been in the skincare business for 25 years and continues her education by attending regular seminars throughout the year.

Sage is having a grand opening celebration on Saturday, Sept. 7 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at its new location at 496 N. Chancery Street. The event will include 20 percent off retail purchases.

Sage is open by appointment by calling or texting Deanna at (931) 743-0376.

Porter recognized

By Averitt Express

Just when you start thinking your job is difficult, think of Ronnie Porter.

A McMinnville resident, Ronnie was recently recognized by Averitt Express for 30 years of service. He currently works out of the Nashville office and his daily duties involve navigating the hectic Nashville streets in a 53-foot, full-sized tractor trailer.

“The Nashville traffic has gotten to where it’s bad all the time,” said Ronnie when asked about road conditions. “You might get lucky and catch a little bit of a break around 10 a.m., but that’s about it.”

I consider the Nashville traffic a nightmare in my car. I don’t think I’d like to ever drive through that city behind the wheel of a tractor trailer, but it’s something Ronnie does every work day.

“I like it because I get to go to different places and meet new people all the time,” said Ronnie.

With more than 30 years under his belt, Ronnie says he hopes to make it 10 more years before retirement. He’s married to wife Sandy with daughters Bethany and Brittany.

Congratulations Ronnie on 30 years.

That’s all folks

It’s been an eventful week in business news. Keep calling with more information at 473-2191.