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Business Pulse - Downtown gets a little more fashionable
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Joan Presley, her daughter Victoria Presley and Lauren (Roller) Cathey opened Phi Aesthetics on N. Spring St. on Jan. 16 and welcome clients or those curious about their services to pay them a visit.

I've said it before

and I'll say it again

There was much ado made about Governor Bill Lee's announcement Wednesday that Bottling Company International would be bringing a plant and jobs to Morrison. It was news that made a splash across Facebook and regional news outlets and even prompted some people to reach out to me to tell me I should mention it in Business Pulse. I always appreciate tips and thank those folks for the heads up.

To loyal readers of Business Pulse, however, it wasn't exactly breaking news. In the Nov. 6 edition of Business Pulse I broke the news that BCI would be coming to 1287 Mt. View Industrial Drive in Morrison. I interviewed BCI Director of Operations Garry Rausch and shared how prospective workers could apply for a job in the company's first wave of hirings. 

All boasting aside, this is a great thing for Warren County, as the company is said to be investing $9.5 million to start the bottling, storage and distribution facility, a plant that will bring 57 new jobs to the county. The company will be taking up residence in the old McCormick Warehouse and will bottle and distribute whiskey, vodka and rum from Nashville's Pennington Distilling.

I'll say welcome and cheers once again to Bottling Company International. 

Filling a void

Nashville native Victoria Presley began her career as a nurse in 2011 and originally worked in critical care and spent six years in the trauma ICU at Vanderbilt but the stresses associated with that kind of work prompted a desire to find a less traumatic way to use her nursing degree. 

A trip for a Botox treatment opened a new door for her. Victoria asked her injector if they ever needed help and a few months later he called and asked if she was serious. She was and that led to a career shift into aesthetics in 2018. She started doing it full-time in 2019 and opened her own place, Phi Aesthetics, in Franklin in September 2021.

Her move into McMinnville was triggered by a meeting with McMinnville native Lauren (Roller) Cathey who shadowed Victoria to see what aesthetics was all about. "Lauren shadowed me in December 2021, and I brought her on in March 2022 to do an internship where I trained her from the ground up on all the services we provide to make sure she had hands-on training before she was seeing patients on her own," Victoria said. 

The meeting was a fortuitous one for the beauty needs of Warren countians. "I didn't even know McMinnville existed before I met Lauren," Victoria said. "Franklin is very over-saturated with med spas so it was hard for Lauren to build her clientele and to get her to a place where she wouldn't have to be at bedside nursing anymore. There was a lack aof med spas in McMinnville so we thought maybe McMinnville is a place we could go and fill a void and bring this kind of experience here."

Phi Aesthetics opened at 109 N. Spring St. on Jan. 16 and has seen a good response from local clients. "Every week seems to be getting a little busier as word gets out and sometimes people just drop in to see what's going on here and we give them a tour and teach them what aesthetic medicine is," Victoria said.  

"Aesthetic medicine is kind of like anti-aging medicine. We can help prevent the appearance of aging with neurotoxins which temporarily paralyze muscles so you don't create deep wrinkles in the face. We also offer dermal fillers which help replace volume loss. Also offered is PRFM, which is platelet-rich fibrin matrix to help hair loss or under-eye restoration. We always want you to look like you, just more refreshed," Victoria said. 

A complete list of Phi's services and hours can be found on Facebook or at They can also be contacted by text or call at (615) 933-6163. Phi is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Main Street adds

another red door

Red Door Boutique Tn was born when owner Jessica George moved to McMinnville from Chattanooga in 2013 and was concerned about the lack of options for plus-size clothing. "I decided to be the change and started Red Door Boutique in 2016 out of the back of my car," Jessica said.

After a couple of months, her father-in-law provided her with a building in Centertown. The boutique was there for a couple of years before moving to the Plaza Shopping Center in 2018. "That's where we remained until we opened a kid's store, Red Door Kids, on Main St. in 2020," Jessica  said. 

Now the kids store has a neighbor as Red Door Boutique Tn has moved from the Plaza to 108 W. Main St. The store opened Wednesday and a re-grand opening is planned for Feb. 22.

"I gave myself a month to make the move and I was able to do it in a month. I would not recommend that to any other business owner," Jessica joked. 

Jessica says the move allowed her to update her offerings with new lines and to start fresh with an updated feel. "We carry small through 6X. Our slogan is 'beauty comes in all sizes.' We carry women's clothing and accessories, Myra purses, soap and lotion, home decor, jewelry and accessories."

Red Door Boutique can be found on Facebook and can be contacted at (423) 364-3187. Everything offered in the store is also available at and shipping is available.

A sweet bit

of business news

I'm probably not telling local donut enthusiasts anything they don't already know, but C & K Donut has returned from its annual six-week hiatus. The popular shop generally takes some time off shortly after the holidays and they returned to business this week. Let the donut lovers rejoice!

C & K Donut is located at 513 N. Chancery St. and can be contacted at (931) 474-9005. The store is open Monday - Friday from 5 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Saturday from 5 a.m. - 1 p.m.