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Barnes takes wheel as new Save-A-Lot manager
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Tyler King is moving up the ladder at Save-A-Lot as well. He goes from meat department manager to assistant manager. Congratulations Tyler.
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Employees are moving on up the ladder at Save-A-Lot. Jeff Ashford, left, moves from McMinnville store manager to district manager, while Justin Barnes moves from assistant manager to store manager.

First-rate employees are climbing the ladder and earning promotions at Save-A-Lot.

It starts with Jeff Ashford, who had been McMinnville’s store manager the past four years. He’s been promoted to district manager and now oversees four stores in McMinnville, Smithville, Gallatin and Scottsville, Ky.

To fill his duties as McMinnville store manager, Justin Barnes received a promotion from assistant manager. He’s been with Save-A-Lot for 13 years and worked his way up from a stocker.

In continuing the chain, meat department manager Tyler King was promoted to assistant manager. He’s been with Save-A-Lot for seven years.

“The thing we want to convey more than anything else is that we’re a hometown store,” said Ashford. “In some of these bigger chains, the employees don’t know the customers and don’t care about their concerns. That’s not the atmosphere we have here. We want people to feel welcome and we work hard to accomplish that.”

Ashford says his new role has him traveling much more as he spends time at all four stores in the district. That leaves Justin Barnes to step forward as the new face of McMinnville’s store and Jeff says he’s embracing his new role.

“He has a great work ethic and he knows the mom-and-pop feel that we convey,” said Ashford.

Barnes says he’s eager to keep the local store at Northgate Center firing on all cylinders.

“We have a good product and good, competitive prices,” said Justin. “When people come in here to shop, we’re going to have a clean store and we’re going to be friendly. That’s your image.”

King assumes duties as assistant manager, a job that puts him much more in the spotlight.

“I’d be pretty much to myself in the meat department,” said Tyler, who said Save-A-Lot cuts all its own meat. “I really wouldn’t have very much interaction with the public. But I really enjoy being able to get out and have more interaction with our customers. It’s new territory for me and I like it.”

As for upcoming challenges in the grocery industry, Ashford said the West Coast wildfires may create a shortage of produce for stores around the nation. He also said grocers are dealing with a shortage of paper towels, but he hopes that’s a problem which resolves itself quickly.