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Banking on customer service
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Security Federal employees working the New Smithville Highway branch are, from left, Hillary Adcock, Cierra Northcutt and Sabrina Jennings.

Bank lobbies are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Luckily, there’s the option of a drive-thru window to handle your banking needs. 

The drive-thru option may cover the social distancing aspect of our situation, but the virus can live on paper money up to four days, according to published research. Bank transactions still have to be made and here are a few suggestions from tellers who continue to work the front lines.

At the Main Street branch of Security Federal Savings Bank, Kacie Looper and Hannah Wells greet customers with smiling faces during this uncertain time. Looper has worked at the bank for six years while Wells has been there almost a year.

The precautions and sanitizing recommendations are taken seriously providing safety to the employees and customers. 

“I am washing my hands more often and using hand sanitizer after every customer,” said Looper. “The tellers are working split shifts and practicing social distancing. We have plenty of Lysol, gloves, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer available to use. I would say I am just more cautious than nervous or scared. I am very careful not to touch my face and make sure to wash my hands more than ever.”

Looper also says she is very thankful to work for a bank that cares about its employees in difficult times.  “The split shifts have been a blessing in disguise,” said Looper. “I’ve had so much more quality time with my kids and I am loving it!”

Wells stated, “I’ve learned that during times like these people, including myself, become a lot more thankful for the simpler things in life such as our health, jobs and quality time with our family at home.” She advises to take the situation seriously but don’t be fearful of everyday life, just follow the precautions and guidelines.

At the New Smithville Highway branch of Security Federal, the cheerful trio of Hillary Adcock, Cierra Northcutt and Sabrina Jennings added that their customers have been awesome, very understanding, and adjusting to the new normal well.