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Aqua Clean brings shine
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Aqua Clean employees, from left, are Braydon Lewis, Chris Bottoms and Tony Jones. The company’s website is

It’s amazing what you can do with water – and a few handy chemicals.

Aqua Clean is serving Warren County and the surrounding areas with an emphasis on making your home or business sparkle.

“We can clean from the top of your roof on down,” said Aqua Clean owner Chris Bottoms. “House washing has been a very busy business for us. With fall approaching, it’s common for homeowners to get their gutters cleaned out. But it’s not just fall. We are a year-round water company.”

Aqua Clean does a lot of restaurant work, especially with the hoods in kitchens that can accumulate so much grease and nastiness. The company cleans shopping carts, which are high-touch areas for customers and a place where germs can be transmitted.

“Regular pressure washing remains popular,” said Chris. “We can also do wood staining and concrete staining.”

Bottoms says Aqua Clean has received a couple calls about COVID cleaning, but not as many as he thought he would. “I haven’t seen a big market in McMinnville yet. I think restaurant employees are continually cleaning and doing the right thing.”

Bottoms stresses that Aqua Clean follows all environmental and safety laws. He says the business has two separate trailers – one for hauling water and one for reclaiming it.

“We have a certified water reclaiming system with a 100-foot hose,” said Chris. “As you're putting down chemicals, you have to reclaim it.”

Aqua Clean can remove oxidation that builds up on metal roofs. The company can also perform good, old-fashioned house washings, which have provided steady business over the past two years.

Call Aqua Clean at (931) 414-9296.