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McMinnville City Triathlon registration is underway

Gilley Pool had 120 triathlon athletes swim eight laps apiece last year in the McMinnville City Triathlon.

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If your hobbies include biking, running and swimming, the McMinnville City Triathlon has everything you need.
For the second straight year, the McMinnville City Triathlon will be held locally. The event returned last year after a three-year layoff. The race will be held Saturday, Sept. 6 and registration is underway.
Last year’s event brought 120 participants to town, including world-renowned athlete Bruce Gennari. Gennari, who has participated in triathlons across the globe, won the event with an overall time of 1:02:41.
Event coordinator Paige Northcutt is hopeful to attract even more participants this time around as triathlons continue to grow in popularity.
“We want to develop this to be long lasting. We had it a long time ago, then brought it back last year. I hope it becomes a tradition,” said Northcutt.
Few changes will be made from last year, especially to the course.
 “The course will be the same as last year. The cost is down as well and teams can enter,” said Northcutt. “We’re combining with Starr Physical Therapy in Manchester, who has an event the week before. We’re hoping some people will take the challenge and participate in each event.”
The triathlon will consist of a 400-meter swim at Gilley Pool – to be completed in eight 50-meter laps – an 18-mile bike race that leaves the Civic Center and heads toward the Country Club, and a 3.1-mile run that leaves the Civic Center and goes downtown. The final sprint distance is the same runners face when competing in local 5K events.
The cost is $45, down from last year’s entry fee. Teams of two or three people may enter for $65. One person may do one or two events while partnering with a second or third person.
Northcutt says people who can bike and run, but aren’t strong in the water can have teammates provided to them.
“If they’re a good biker and runner, we can provide swimmers. Sometimes swimming is the hardest part, but we want those people to still be able to participate,” said Northcutt.
Adults wishing to improve their prowess in the pool may register for lap swimming at Gilley Pool. The course is available from 4-6 p.m. each weekday. Passes can be purchased at the lobby of McMinnville Civic Center.
The race will be timed by company called A Matter of Timing. Competitors will know their times in all three events and the two transition periods. Times will be posted the day of the race and prizes will be awarded to top finishers.
 McMinnville City Triathlon will be a USAT-sanctioned event. People who compete in three USAT-sanctioned events get ranked.
Other triathlon committee members include Matt Feno, Freddy Hoover, Bobby Kirby, Lisa Miller, Sally Pack, Scott McCord, Carlene Brown, Mike Neiderhauser and Jim Carden.
Two or three different children’s charities in Warren County will benefit from this year’s event.
Registration is currently open at or The maximum number of participants is capped at 400.

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