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Do you think the county should try to make Michael Shane Wilcher pay $59,000 to reimburse taxpayers for money spent defending his lawsuit?


Michael_S_Wilcher: January 5, 2017 11:03 p.m.

the terrible thing is, the attorneys could have informed the executive of this even before depositions back in ...august I think. Heck, maybe the Cookeville attorneys did inform leadership and they simply decided to be vindictive and run up a big bill for YOU. You can ask them. I hope they don't threaten you for asking though. YOUR county leadership was soo he'll bent on silencing an outspoken citizen who happened to place 3rd in votes among 24 commissioners in 2014...Ron Lee was way down the list...that leadership allowed high dollar attorneys from Cookeville to rack up some 50,000 or so dollars(money better kept in Warren even if it went to a local attorney) for 3 or 4 days of depositions far sighted is that of YOUR leadership. When an apology and training on ethics and citizen's rights would have satisfied me (leadership made aware numerous times over the 8 months from the threat to my filing...remember the 600 emails the judge touted?...). YOUR elected leaders brought this on themselves. Period...and ask YOU to sit down and take threats from a bully commissioner. ..shame. I'll pay...and I'll serve as I always have and was always going to...I just wasn't going to do it without saying something about county employee and elected official's misconduct. Not about to start. Now, Lee may get the last laugh but my integrity is intact...and least as an elected official. Leadership hasn't listened, in many ways, to you in the last few years. I doubt very seriously that a vindictive hateful bully (at least to me) will now. This story gets better...Ron has a couple ways he could play this and come out like a real leader. He won't... imo. He will take the bully's route as he did that night in YOUR county courtroom against a citizen who delivered to he and 18+ other commissioners proof of misconduct. Thank you all. I serve proudly...tonight not because of other elected officials, but as always because of YOU. .. even those who hate or dislike me for their own childish reasons. Thank you, all. Ball in your court Ron Lee and citizens are watching with less than two years before election. MMGA :)
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Additional. ...Bully Ron Lee tried to settle before depositions. ..he can tell you how much he offered himself...thing is, it was never about money...period. oh, would I have settled? In a heartbeat except for one little thing....he wanted me to keep my mouth shut! I made it clear, money I didn't care about but I would never sign his non disparaging clause or his non disclosure clause. It would have effectively (may not be used correctly ) kept me from ever outing their past or future misconduct. That is your leadership and commissioners formed in a line behind leadership. I'm soo glad I finally get to tell YOU.

Michael_S_Wilcher: January 6, 2017 12:44 p.m.

I requested just a few months ago and itemization of the $60,000 deposition bill buy Freedom of Information Act request. The county leadership and the Cookeville big-dollar Law Firm refused and claimed attorney-client privilege. Now do you not think as a taxpayer of Warren County Tennessee you deserve a complete breakdown of that $60,000 bill before we pay it to that high-dollar Cookeville attorney firm. Think about that wouldn't that money have been better spent on a McMinnville attorney if it was going to have to be spent at all and to think they don't have to give the people that pay the bill an itemization. Ask your Executive if I'm lying. Get him on recording in case he claims I'm lying.

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