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Martin convicted over 100 times

A man was given 45 days in jail after he entered a guilty plea for assaulting a woman he says he does not recall hitting.
The man, Danny Ray Martin, entered a guilty plea to the charge of assault and was ordered by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 45 days. He entered the plea for hitting a woman who reportedly intervened in a dispute he was having with another man.
His sentence, which marks over 100 times he has been convicted in local courts for various crimes most of those involving drinking, comes after he told the court he did not actually recall hitting the woman in question.
Martin maintained he suffered a seizure during the dispute that led up to the assault and could not remember anything that happened during the time of the assault. Martin further defended himself by pointing out he is not a violent person as evidenced by his scores of prior convictions, most of which were for public intoxication. Lawmen did say, in one of his most recent arrests, that he fought with officers as they tried to arrest him just before this past Christmas for wishing Merry Christmas to passing cars on Main Street while drinking a 40-ounce beer on the steps of a downtown church.
Despite his reluctance to admit involvement in punching the woman, Martin opted to enter a guilty plea and take the sentence. The court put down a mutual restraining order against both Martin and the woman.

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