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Centertown back after water scare

The water scare at Centertown School has turned out to be a wash. Water samples from the school have been collected and tested and no problems have been found, according to Warren County Utility District general manager Mike Green.
Centertown School was closed Tuesday as a precautionary measure, but will be open for normal classes Wednesday.
Green said the utility district was called to the school Monday to check on what was described as black specs in the water. Green said the specs were confined to the kitchen area and a nearby restroom and were not noticed anywhere else in the school.
“We pulled nine samples from inside the school and six samples from around the school and found nothing wrong with the water,” said Green. “The black specs were probably just debris that had built up in the line, some kind of sediment, and a flushing or jarring could have knocked it loose. We haven’t found any black specs in lines anywhere around the school.”
Green said the fear in these type of situations is bacteria may be in the water. However, he said water samples have come back fine.
In addition to testing conducted at Warren County Utility District’s certified lab, Green said samples were sent to certified labs at water departments in Sparta, McMinnville, and Mt. Juliet. He said this was done as an extra precautionary measure to ensure multiple labs all found the water fit to drink.
One key measure, Green said, is the chlorine level. At Centertown School, Green said chlorine levels tested between 1.61 and 2.26.
“That’s right where it should be,” said Green. “With that type of chlorine reading, there shouldn’t be any bacteria.”
Green said in the event bacteria was found in the water, residents would be advised to boil their water before using it.
Incoming Director of Schools Bobby Cox said with the favorable test results, classes will be held as usual at Centertown School on Wednesday.

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