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DeKalb couple charged with kidnapping 81-year-old

A Smithville couple faces kidnapping charges after they allegedly abducted an 81-year-old Warren County man at knife-point and made him withdraw money from his bank account.
The suspects, Amanda Maxwell, 29, and Charles Wayne Reagan, 31, are both charged with aggravated kidnapping and theft. Maxwell faces an additional count of aggravated assault. They remain in DeKalb County Jail awaiting hearing.
According to DeKalb County authorities, the incident happened last week when Maxwell, who was an acquaintance of the victim, called him at his house in Warren County and asked him to come to DeKalb County to talk to her. When he arrived, Maxwell reportedly grabbed him from behind and threatened him with a box cutter.
He was forced into a car and taken to various ATMs in Smithville. There, he was forced to withdraw money from his account at two local banks. The total amounted to around $300.
After those thefts, Maxwell reportedly picked up Reagan and they brought the man to Warren County where they were going to make him withdraw more money from ATMs. However, when they stopped at a traffic light, the victim was able to escape from the car. Despite being injured when he jumped from the vehicle, was then able to evade Maxwell, who got out of the car she was driving and pursued him.
The two retreated to Smithville and hid out at a motel that night. They were caught the next day when they returned to Maxwell’s home. They will face a hearing Nov. 21 in Smithville.

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