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County votes to spay or neuter all pets leaving Animal Control

In an effort to be the solution instead of the problem when it comes to stray animals, cats and dogs adopted from Warren County Animal Control will now be spayed and neutered when adopted.
Members of the Warren County Commission voted 19-2, with three people absent, during their full court meeting Monday night to charge a flat adoption rate of $85 for dogs and $65 for cats adopted from Animal Control. The fee will pay for spaying or neutering the animals, as well as a small fee to help feed and care for the animals in Animal Control’s care.
Commissioner Charles Morgan voted against the proposal. “I think $85 is more money than anyone will pay to adopt a dog when you can get one all over town for free. I think this will do away with our adoption system,” Morgan said.
“Even that price will be the best price to adopt an animal compared to surrounding counties. We charge very little compared to some Animal Controls in the surrounding area,” said Animal Control director Kim Pettrey during a Health and Welfare Committee meeting.
“I think this will be such a good thing for the county,” added committee chairwoman Sally Brock. “We have too many unwanted litters. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem
Commissioner Billy Earl Jones said, “We need to stress this charge will be for new adoptions, not for dogs or cats that were found and will be retrieved by their owners.”
Animals adopted at the facility will be scheduled for spaying or neutering as soon as the animal is paid for. A local veterinarian will perform the surgery and the animals will be picked up to go to their new home from the veterinarian’s office.
Animals adopted from Animal Control that have already been spayed or neutered will cost $10.
Commissioners voting against the proposal were Morgan and Kenneth Rogers. Commissioners absent were Gary Prater, George Smartt and Melissa Yancy.

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