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WCMS archery shoots down top team

Warren County Middle School has not only taken aim at establishing an archery program, the Pioneers are on target.
WCMS is coming off an impressive win in the Van Buren County Invitational with its 7-8 grade team. The Pioneer sixth-graders finished second.
“Van Buren County is the four-time state champions and they have the banners hanging up to prove it,” said WCMS archery coach Larry Underhill. “So to go up there and do so well, especially without two of my best shooters who didn’t make the trip because they had prior obligations, I’m really optimistic about what we can do at the state.”
Underhill says WCMS is helped by good feeder programs as archery has been taught at West Elementary and Bobby Ray for years. It’s recently been added at Hickory Creek as all PE teachers in Warren County are now certified to coach archery.
The state tournament is set for April 4-5 at Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro.
That’s followed by the national tournament May 10-11 in Louisville, Ky. Students can qualify individually, or schools can qualify as a team, for nationals.
“Archery is a sport that’s really taking off, not only here but all over Tennessee,” said Underhill. “You wouldn’t think this would be this case, but it’s popular in Murfreesboro.”
During competition, students shoot at two distances. This first in 10 meters, which is 33 feet. The second is 15 meters, or 50 feet.
Students get to shoot three rounds from each distance with five arrows shot per round. With a total of 30 arrows, the best possible score is 300 with a bulls-eye counting 10 points.
Underhill said Dalton Bates was one of his best shooters in Van Buren County. He scored 263. Chloe Cassel was also sharp with a 257.
There aren’t many drills you can do to get better at archery, according to Underhill. He says the trick to getting better is to keep shooting.
“As they say, practice makes perfect so we spend a lot of time shooting,” he said.

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