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Business Pulse: 2/3/13

Today’s fine installment of Business Pulse has a medical feel. There are physicians in every direction so if you need to feel better, take two aspirin and read this column.
To get things started, I thought I would begin with a few jokes about doctors. Hey, why not.

Joke 1
A man speaks frantically into the phone, “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!”
“Is this her first child?” the doctor queries.
“No, you idiot!” the man shouts. “This is her husband!”

Joke 2
“The doctor said he would have me walking in two weeks,” said the man.
“And did he?” asked his friend.
“Yes, I had to sell my car to pay his bill.”

Joke 3
A 40-year-old woman has a near-death experience and asks God, “Is my time up?”
“No,” God answers. “You have another 40 years, 6 months and 2 days to live.”
Thrilled, the woman decides to have a complete makeover – a facelift, liposuction, and a tummy tuck to enjoy her next 40 years. However, just days later, the woman steps into the street and is killed by a car.
“I thought you said I had another 40 years,” the woman asks God. “Why didn’t you pull me from the path of that car?”
God replied, “I didn’t recognize you.”

Joke 4
“Doctor, please hurry. My son swallowed a razor-blade.”
“Don’t panic, I’m coming immediately. Have you done anything yet?”
"Yes, I shaved with my electric razor.”

comes to town

It’s been a brutal stretch for Dr. Dawnmarie Riley as she tries to cover a 24-hour schedule at River Park Hospital with Dr. Rene Del Valle. With only two doctors delivering babies in McMinnville, the two would each be on call 15 days a month.
“There are a few mornings when I can wake up and say, ‘Gee, I didn’t get called at all last night. I got to sleep through the whole night,’” said Dr. Riley. “But there aren’t many of those when I’m on call.”
Some help has finally arrived in Dr. Vanessa Streicher, who joins the staff of Dr. Riley at Namaste OB/GYN. Dr. Streicher’s first day on the job was Friday and she was greeted by two pressure-packed appointments. Her first appointment was Dr. Riley’s mother, and her second appointment was Dr. Riley’s daughter, who is pregnant.
“I would think this is some kind of test, but I already have the job,” said Dr. Streicher.
She joins a practice at Namaste which is exploding with growth. I remember when Dr. Riley first came to McMinnville and was starting from the ground up. Now just four years later, Namaste has 17 employees. That includes two doctors, two nurse practitioners, and two nurses.
To keep up with its growth, Namaste has a new home in the building which used to house The Heart Group. It’s previous office was 2,500 square feet, but this office features 8,000 square feet.
“The goal is to have a women’s center for mind, body, spirit and health,” said Dr. Riley. “We want to emphasize overall women’s health and that means offering yoga classes, having an in-house massage therapist, and having mommy and me exercise classes. It’s about proper diet, nutrition and taking care of yourself.”
I love the concept and Dr. Riley has done a nice job assembling a comfortable office with first-rate equipment. Among the technology is an imaging scanner that’s so vivid, you can clearly see your baby’s face while its in the womb.
Dr. Streicher comes to McMinnville from Jacksonville, Fla. She says she was drawn to Middle Tennessee because she has friends in Manchester and Nashville.
“She is a very good asset in terms of fulfilling our goal as an overall women’s health center,” said Dr. Riley.
Dr. Streicher says she is ready to work around the clock whenever the call comes.
“Babies never seem to be born in the middle of the day,” she said.
Namaste can be reached at 815-8800. Ashley Tate and Haley Hutchison are the nurse practitioners and Jane Travis is the office manager.

New cardiologist
at River Park

Even if you’re in tip-top shape, you might some day need the services of a cardiologist. If that happens, it’s nice to know River Park’s partnership with Saint Thomas is paying dividends. Saint Thomas cardiologist Dr. Douglas Adkisson is among the physicians who is making trips to McMinnville to see patients twice a week.
“The goal with this partnership is to present the same level of care you would get at Saint Thomas, but you can get it much closer to home,” said Dr. Adkisson. “You will get the same tests done right here, and they will be read by the same physicians that would see them at Saint Thomas. Given the choice, I realize most people would rather not go to the doctor. But if you have some concerns and you do need to go, you want it to be as convenient as possible.”
Dr. Adkisson said it can be common for people to have small blockages in their arteries, say 10 to 20 percent. Where problems occur is when those blockages rupture and form scabs. The scabs then make the blockages larger and larger until it gets to the point where a person has 80 to 90 percent blockage and a heart attack.
“One of the big signs of trouble is if you can’t do things you normally could do six months ago, like walk up a hill without getting out of breath and having to stop,” said Adkisson. “If you’re having symptoms, especially symptoms during exertion, you should get it checked out.”
As for ways to prevent heart trouble, Dr. Adkisson said good, clean living is always advisable. That includes no smoking, moderate drinking, healthy eating, and regular exercise.
If you are in need of cardiology care, Dr. Adkisson said Saint Thomas and River Park share two goals.
“No. 1, we want to make the life they have in front of them as enjoyable and full as possible,” said Dr. Adkisson. “No. 2, we want to prevent any further heart attacks.”
To reach the Saint Thomas cardiology department at River Park, call 815-3420.

One more
Dollar General?

It was in last week’s Business section, I included a blurb about Dollar General and its goal of adding 635 stores in 2013. With that in mind, it didn’t take long to get the rumor mill started when Viola Mayor Kevin Lawrence approached the county on Thursday about regaining Viola’s share of the local option sales tax collected in Viola.
It’s not much money, about $1,000 a year, because there aren’t many stores in Viola doing business and collecting sales tax. However, there was widespread speculation at the meeting that Dollar General may have its sights set on Viola, which would increase the amount of local option sales tax collected there.
I was unsuccessful Friday to confirm whether Dollar General officials are in fact considering a Dollar General for Viola. But we do know the company likes Warren County with eight stores here already.
As for whether Viola will be able to collect its local option sales tax in the future, County Executive John Pelham told Lawrence he would need to submit a written request and he would get the ball rolling.

Drew Barrett
donates scanner

Drew Barrett is more than a friendly, neighborhood office supply salesman. He also likes to lend a hand when he can.
So when Drew discovered WCHS athletic trainer Tim McIntosh needed a better scanner as he converts his medical files to digital format, Drew was quick to act. He donated a multi-purpose scanner that has made Trainer Tim’s life easier.
“I’m getting away from file folders and I’m keeping medical records electronically,” said Tim. “In order to do that efficiently, I had to have a better scanner. The old scanner took forever.”
Trainer Tim has to maintain paperwork on every WCHS athlete and that begins with the start of their high school career. That’s because every athlete has to take an EKG before participating. The School Board made that decision before the start of the 2011-12 school year in hopes of catching any potential heart problems in young athletes.
“Last year was rough because I had to get everybody. It was around 350 tests,” said Tim. “From here on out it will probably be about 150 a year because you only have to get tested the first year you start playing.”
Drew says he’s happy to make the donation and glad Tim doesn’t have to sort through boxes and boxes of files anymore. Barrett’s can be reached at 607-3332.

A new clinic
for pain

It was in “Rocky III” when Mr. T had the classic quote when asked his prediction for a boxing match against Rocky Balboa. Mr. T had a one-word answer, “Pain.”
While that answer may be fun in the movies, anyone dealing with chronic pain in real life realizes it’s no fun. To help with your pain issues, McMinnville Pain Relief Center has opened on Sparta Street across from Best Western. The business can be reached at 474-1616.
Shannon Brandfass is the physician’s assistant and she’s relatively new to the area. She comes from Pittsburgh, Pa., and says she is enjoying Middle Tennessee.
“We are a pain management center,” said Shannon. “We specialize in treating any kind of pain – neck, back, joint. We can recommend physical therapy when it’s needed and we can do bracing if that’s appropriate. We also do injection therapy for neck and back pain.”
Shannon has been a physician’s assistant since 1999 and realizes she will have a long-term relationship with many of her patients.
“When it’s chronic pain, we’re often dealing with a patient for many years,” she said. “It may be pain from surgery, pain for car accidents, or pain from another type of injury.”
McMinnville Pain Relief Center has several clinics in the area, including Grundy County and Cookeville. For now, the local office is open only on Thursdays. As business builds, Shannon says the office will be open additional days as needed.

Famous hair
stylist in town

I don’t normally report on hair stylists, although Section 3, Article 7 of the Business Pulse code of conduct gives me that option if I choose to exercise it.
That said, I want to tell you about Ryan Simpson, who will be cutting and styling hair at Ross & Company on Main Street. Ryan has developed a large clientele in the big city of Murfreesboro and has decided to slow down and enjoy the quiet life here in McMinnville every Friday.
Ryan has cut the hair of such famous people as Kyle Petty, Tracy Lawrence and Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott. She has also done the hair of several Titans cheerleaders.
She joins Christy Ross at Ross & Company, who has cut the hair of some pretty important people in her own right. Christy says her list of famous people includes McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley. Ross & Company can be reached at 474-9447.

Local dentist
retires from guard

Many local residents know Dr. Herb Winstead as the longtime owner of Walling Denter Center. He has owned and operated the facility just across the Warren County line since 1978.
But folks may not know he recently retired from the Tennessee State Guard and was presented the prestigious Alvin C. York Award for 48 years of service in the Army, Navy Dental Corps, and the State Guard.
Dr. Winstead was called to active duty and served in the Dental Corps in Maryland, Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Boston, and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, D.C. He was the oral surgery officer aboard the USS Yosemite serving with the NATO fleet. He retired with the rank of lieutenant commander in 1976. He joined the Tennessee State Guard in 1992, serving in the medical unit as chief dentist.
The editors of Business Pulse want to wish Dr. Winstead congratulations and thanks for his many years of service.

That’s all folks

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