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Look, up in the sky, it's two puppies

Two lucky puppies got the royal treatment Thursday as a plane landed at Warren County Memorial Airport to transport them to a temporary home in Georgia.
Warren County Animal Control director Kim Pettrey and county commissioner Sally Brock delivered two young Shetland Sheepdogs “Sheltie” puppies to the airport and greeted Kent Gorton from the Sheltie Rescue of Georgia, Inc.who had flown to McMinnville to rescue two abandoned pups.
Gorton and his wife run the Sheltie Rescue and Gorton owns a two-seater plane which he uses to fly anywhere there are abandoned Sheltie dogs. He said his rescue placed between 30 and 40 dogs last year.
The puppies, estimated to be about seven or eight months old, were brought into Animal Control as strays earlier in the week. “They have sarcoptic mange which Dr. Young has been treating them for and I have given them their first shots,” said Pettrey.
Pettrey said that Samantha Clark who is with the Tennessee state ASPCA helped set up the transport of the puppies to the Sheltie Rescue. “She helps us with lots of our rescues. We like this rescue because we know they will be spayed before they leave there and they will go to someone looking for a Sheltie,” said Pettrey.
Brock said, “I would like to see them go to a person who wants a Sheltie for sure.”
Gorton said he and his wife started a Sheltie rescue because he had a Sheltie as a child and he knows how smart, sweet and loyal the breed is. He wanted to find loving homes for deserted Shelties. The rescue provides homes for Shelties that have been surrendered by their owners, neglected, abused, or are strays. He said his rescue is a non-profit organization and runs on donations.
Gorton said, “Shelties are known as pocket-sized Lassies. Back when Lassie was on TV, lots of people wanted them but didn’t know how much work they would be. Shelties are working dogs. They stay busy looking for jobs and looking for something to do. They are also sweet, loyal, affectionate and very, very smart.”
 According to the Sheltie Rescue website, all rescued Shelties are immediately taken to a veterinarian to be treated for any obvious medical condition, tested for heartworms and intestinal parasites, brought current on all shots, started on heartworm and flea preventive, spayed or neutered and placed in a loving foster home until a suitable permanent home can be found.
The puppies were placed in a dog crate and safely strapped into the plane. Gorton said that with the tale winds behind them, he and the Shelties should make it to Georgia in a little over an hour.
More information about the Sheltie Rescue of Georgia can be found at Animals available for adoption from Warren County Animal Control can be found on the Facebook Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues page. Warren County Animal Control is located on Paws Lane and the phone number for the facility is 507-3647.

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