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Beards in style at Centertown

Students went Duck Commander crazy at Centertown Elementary on Wednesday. Beards and camo were worn for a chance to win tickets to Boyd Christian School’s meet and greet with “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson.
The A&E Network TV show follows the Robertson family in running a multi-million dollar business making duck calls. Along with Phil and his wife, Kay, the show’s main characters are their sons Willie and Jase, and Uncle Si.
Along with the men’s signature beards, antics of show include giving driving lessons, dating advice, solving life and family issues, and the problems associated with working with relatives. Season three is currently being filmed.
“I’ve been watching the show since season one,” said Kaylee McClure, who came dressed as Si. “He’s my favorite. I think he’s funny. Everyone has a relative who’s kind of crazy and he’s definitely theirs.”
McClure says her favorite episode is “Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner” when Jase and Si embark on a turkey hunt for the annual Robertson men vs. Robertson women cook-off to create a feast of fresh wild game with Phil to judge the winner.
Hannah Wright came dressed as Willie, who is the CEO of Duck Commander, which is the name of their best-selling duck call. It’s also the name of the company that produces them.
“I like Willie,” said Hannah. “He’s my favorite. I’ve been watching it for a month or two. Everyone at school was talking about it so I thought I would watch it. I have been watching it since then.”
Her favorite episode is the one where the air conditioner at Duck Commander goes out and Mountain Man is asked to fix it. While Mountain Man slowly gets to work on the problem, everyone else joins Jase in his endeavor to make a “redneck water park” at a pond.
Sawyer Hall came dressed as the Mountain Man.
“I would say he is my favorite on the show,” said Hall. He has yet to pick a favorite episode. “The entire show is pretty funny. I started watching it about a couple weeks ago.”
Katelyn Cooper also came dressed as Si. On the show, Si is seldom seen without his favorite beverage, tea, which is where Si and Katelyn differ.
“I don’t like tea,” she said. “He carries a jug around with him all the time. He drinks a lot of tea, but he’s so skinny.”
It’s a toss-up for her favorite episode — Bee Hive, where the gang tries unsuccessfully to remove a bee hive for its honey, or Redneck Christmas where Willie plays Santa Claus at church and Si volunteers as his elf.
“I liked it when they tried to get the honey, but kept getting stung,” said Katelyn. “It was funny.”
In the Christmas episode, Si gave the children a “dose of reality” about what they wanted and what they would get at Christmas. Katelyn says some of the remarks lacked Christmas cheer.
“I liked Redneck Christmas, but I felt so bad for the little kids,” she said. “Si was kind of scary. When one kid told them what he wanted for Christmas, Si told him that it would never happen. It crushed that kid’s dreams.”
Boyd Christian School donated four tickets valued at $300 to be given to the students who best fit the call, beard and all, for being a Robertson. The banquet will be held March 1 at McMinnville Civic Center. Names of the winners have yet to be released.

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