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County won't have to borrow money

The county has more money in its fund balance than it realized.
Warren County commissioners were considering taking out a $225,000 interest-bearing capital outlay note to pay for improvements to the courthouse, health department and jail.
However, after realizing they had enough money in their budget to finance the improvements without taking out a loan, the county now plans to use money already in its account.
“They didn’t know how much money they had left in the budget,” said Commissioner Michael Martin. There is $750,000 sitting in there. Why would we need to finance $250,000 when we have it in there? There are only five months left to spend this money before we make a new budget.”
The Budget and Finance Committee met prior to the full County Commission meeting Monday night and voted to remove the request to use a capital outlay note to pay for the building upgrades.
Among improvements needed at county buildings are new outside trim, new air conditioning units, a new security system, fire alarm replacement and a new canopy at the courthouse, and replacement light fixtures in men’s cells and installation of razor wire fencing at the jail.
The canopy is needed at the courthouse due to the large number of people who must stand outside in the weather, including on recent rainy days, while waiting to enter the building through the newly installed metal detector.
The proposal also includes improvements to any other county building deemed necessary.
The resolution to remove the capital outlay note as a means to fund the county projects passed the full court 23-0 with Commissioner Bessie Smithson absent. The measure must go back to the Financial Management Committee for approval before going before the full court in February.

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