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Garcia pleas to whipping son

A father who whipped his 17-year-old son with a belt has been placed on probation after entering a no-contest plea to child abuse charges.
The father, Benito Romo Garcia, 45, opted not to enter a regular guilty plea but instead told Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley he was entering his plea bargain agreement in his best interest. In the end, the best-interest plea has the same legal impact as a guilty plea.
As result of his best-interest plea, Garcia will be granted an 11-month, 29-day judicial diversion and must perform 32 hours public service work and attend parenting classes. He can ask that his criminal record be erased at the end of his year-long probation.
According to McMinnville policeman Marty Cantrell, the father was arrested when he went to the Garcia home to answer the call of an unruly juvenile. During his visit to their home, the officer learned Garcia and his son had been arguing much of the day and that during the argument, the father had used a belt on the youth.
“Mr. Garcia had assaulted his son by striking him several times about the arms, chest, shoulders and back with a leather belt,” Cantrell said in his warrant.
The father was charged after his statement and given the evidence still visible on his son.
“The son has numerous welt marks about his upper body, some of which resulted in open and bleeding injuries,” Cantrell said in bringing the charges.

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