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Teen gets 2 months for statutory rape

A teen has been given two months in jail for having sex with an 13-year-old girl after meeting her on Facebook.
The teen, Andrew Chase Stewart, 19, entered a guilty plea to the charge of statutory rape and was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 60 days of a two-year sentence and perform 16 hours public service work. The charge may also necessitate his being listed on the state sexual offender registry, although some statutory rapes are no longer required to be listed under the updated law.
The statutory rape was not Stewart’s first brush with the law as his conviction has brought a violation of his probation on a number of prior convictions. His probation on charges of theft, delivery of a counterfeit controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia have been violated. He was given another one-year sentence for those violations.
Stewart was arrested when he was 18. Deputy Brad Myers said he saw Stewart standing by his car shortly after midnight. When approached, the teen said he was having car trouble and waiting for help. The deputy told Stewart he would wait with him and while waiting shined his light into the car.
“I saw a young female on the passenger-side seat leaned all the way back,” Myers recalled. “She gave me her name and said she was 13.”
Stewart then told the deputy the girl was his sister. However, the deputy already knew from his prior knowledge the girl was not related to Stewart.
“The girl told me she had met him on Facebook and they had been talking several months,” Myers wrote in his warrant against Stewart.
A further investigation led to authorities discovering the two had sexual relations together. Given the fact the girl is underage and more than four years younger than Stewart, the statutory rape charges were brought.

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