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Woman guilty of stealing from WCHS

A former Warren County High School color guard leader has avoided jail time, but has been ordered to repay most of the money she stole from the organization’s account to buy things ranging from gasoline to cigarettes.
The instructor, Jennifer Fisher, was granted a two-year judicial diversion by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley on the charge of felony theft. As part of the sentence which will leave Fisher on probation for the next two years, she will be required to make $2,851 restitution to the Band Booster Club and perform 40 hours public service work. The diversion means if she abides by the terms of her probation and gets into no further trouble during the next two years, she can have her criminal record erased.
The amount of money owed to the fund represents the amount prosecutors could prove Fisher misappropriated from the WCHS color guard fund which she had access to in her role as leader of the auxiliary band unit.
An auditor’s report from the Tennessee Comptroller of Treasury revealed between Aug. 25, 2009 and July 31, 2010 the former color guard instructor took $3,465 from a Band Booster Club bank account for her personal benefit. These transactions included 15 ATM withdrawals totaling $2,340, a cash withdrawal from a bank branch for $500, and 13 debit card transactions totaling $625.
The Band Booster Club maintained its collections were down significantly from areas such as concessions stand collection and that there were accounts that were lighter than anticipated during the time Fisher was taking the money.
However due to issues in the organization’s accounting system, investigators found it difficult to trace what were legitimate and what were illegal expenditures. The accounting process, as well as charging color guard parents monthly dues for their children to participate in the organization, were both called into question in the comptroller’s audit.
As for Fisher, court papers revealed she admitted to making personal withdrawals from the color guard account, in one case admitting to auditors she once used the money to buy cigarettes.

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