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Business Pulse: 1/13/13

I’m going to take a break from the odd, strange and curious stories about Warren County. There’s so much silliness around, it’s time to share the love.
Last month in Louisiana, Sarah Childs fought city hall and won. She was successful in getting a restraining order against the city of Denham Springs, which wanted to shut down her Christmas light display.
The display was nestled in a cozy neighborhood and was much like other light displays, except for one minor detail. The display was two giant hands with the middle fingers extended. Now that’s not a nice way to say Merry Christmas.
In California, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is working to establish a roadside memorial for a truckload of live fish that perished during a traffic accident. It was a terrible accident and thousands of fish died in the tragedy.
However, a roadside memorial may be a bit extreme considering the fish were being transported to a ranch to be eaten.
And in Pennsylvania, Ronald Tanner proved once and for all you can take an umbrella to a chainsaw fight and emerge victorious.
The incident took place in the city of Turbotville when Tanner’s housemate came after him with a chainsaw. Desperate to defend himself, Tanner grabbed the only thing handy, an umbrella, and managed to pin his roommate in a corner until the chainsaw jammed.
Something tells me most chainsaw/ umbrella battles don’t end so well.

PC Disposal
to hold job fair

I always love it when I can start Business Pulse with news of a job fair, so you can expect me to be in an especially giddy mood today.
PC Disposal is up and running at its new facility in Morrison and looking to hire 40 people at a job fair this Wednesday. The job fair will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Business owner Don Yancy tells me he is looking for forklift operators, material handlers and sales people. He says passing a drug test and background check are required.
Don says he doesn’t want the hassle of a bunch of phone calls, so if you’re interested stop by in person. The business is located behind Medley’s Diner in Morrison in the large warehouse that sits off the road. The address is 7747 Manchester Highway.
I first reported on PC Disposal locating in Warren County in early December. At that time, Don was just getting moved in. He had previously been operating in a 9,000-square-foot building in Woodbury and was pleased to be upgrading to a 44,000-square-foot plant.
He said he would be looking to greatly expand his workforce in mid-January and his timetable turned out to be right on target.
As for the business itself, PC Disposal is a large-scale recycling company. It recycles everything from computers and microwaves to all the plastic containers that come from the convenience center at Warren County Fairgrounds. PC Disposal accepts the plastic from the county free of charge.
With McMinnville officials expressing a desire to start a recycling program in the city, I think they would be well served to see what Don can offer at PC Disposal. I mentioned that to Don and he said he would be glad to help.
“There are grants that can pay for the bins to place on the side of the road,” said Don. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I know where to look.”
As for his job fair, Don said he hopes this is the first of many to come.
“I’d like to have 100 by the end of the year, but we’ll have to see how this goes first,” he said.

More jobs

Speaking of jobs, it was several weeks ago I told you about Advance Financial and its plans to put a local branch at the old Jack in the Box.
Remodeling work really intensified Friday with a large crew doing demolition work to the interior. A sign was hung on the exterior indicating Advance Financial, which is a 24-hour business, is now hiring for all shifts.
Visit to apply.
According to city building records, Advance Financial plans to conduct $225,000 worth of remodeling. It’s going to gut the kitchen, make a nice lobby, and have a row for tellers. From the look of the plans, it appears the drive-thru window will stay.
Advance Financial is a title loan and payday advance company. It will fill a building that’s been empty since Jack in the Box left in 2007.

Riverview Terrace
about to expand

Riverview Terrace is in the process of expanding its facility on Highland Drive that overlooks the Barren Fork River.
Riverview Terrace is an assisted living facility that currently has 21 units. The expansion will add four new units, according to administrator Cheryl Lecornu, along with other extras.
“We’re going to be adding a lot of extra square footage for entertainment and activity rooms,” said Cheryl. “There is definitely a need for this. We’ve been at full capacity for awhile.”
Assisted living appears to be an industry that’s very much in demand. Bluff Springs Manor opened last year on Bluff Springs Road, and most of us have probably noticed the monstrous Webb House under construction by WCHS on Manchester Highway.
The expansion of Riverview Terrace continues a trend where it appears more assisted living space is needed. Cheryl said she didn’t have a time frame for when the Riverview Terrace expansion might be complete.

Beacon to become
Berkshire Bank

The Beacon Federal branch on Manchester Highway will be getting a name change. Beacon has been purchased by Berkshire Bank and will be assuming its name. It’s a transition that’s expected to be complete by March 15.
I’m not exactly sure about what led to the merger, but officials from both companies say it will be an exciting time. Berkshire, in fact, has the slogan of “America’s Most Exciting Bank” for all the folks out there who want their bank to be more exciting.
In a letter sent to customers, Berkshire president and CEO Michael P. Daly says, “While the Beacon name change to Berkshire Bank is being completed by March 2013, you’ll be excited to know what won’t change: You’ll bank with the same people, in the same branch locations and neighborhoods. The name may change, but the people, quality and service you are accustomed to and deserve, will not.”
I know I am excited about this change. And if I’m not, I’ll pretend to be. The local Beacon Federal branch manager is Dana Green.

has new manager

After working at our local Sherwin-Williams for more than 30 years, store manager Johnny Carter has retired. In his place, is none other than Dustin Chitwood, who comes to the local store from Dalton, Ga.
Dustin says his first few weeks on the job have been great and he really likes the area.
“Just about any town will have the same places to eat and the same places to shop,” said Dustin. “It’s the people who make the difference and the people here have been just great. They threw a party for me when I got here and it’s been really nice. Small towns have a small-town attitude.”
Most people are familiar with Sherwin-Williams and its line of quality paints and paint supplies. The store has all the latest computer technology to help you get an exact match on the paint you need to complete a project.
“Getting an exact match is the only part of this job that challenges your brain so it’s the part I like the most,” said Dustin. “After that, it’s just providing customer service. I served tables for 10 years and I don’t know of anything that will teach you better customer service skills than that.
“When a customer comes in, I want to identify their needs and sell them a product that’s priced according to their needs. It doesn’t matter what income bracket you’re in. You care about the price. If you don’t have dogs or small children, you may not need the best product we offer so I can sell you something that will meet your needs at a better price.”
Dustin enjoys hiking and getting outdoors. He has already visited Rock Island State Park and looks forward to getting to see Cumberland Caverns. Being new to town, Dustin is excited his cable got hooked up last week so he can watch the Atlanta Falcons in their playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks today.
Dustin joins a staff of four that also includes Kathy Marcum, Kim Thackxton, and John Smith. Sherwin-Williams can be reached at 473-1552.

Morris Multimedia
buys competitor

It’s my dream one day Southern Standard will take over the world and I will be crowned king. While that plan may never come to fruition, I’m pleased to announce our parent company, Morris Multimedia, has bought a competing newspaper in Smithville.
As some of you may know, Morris Multimedia owns the Standard, Smithville Review and around 70 other newspapers, TV stations, magazines, and shoppers. It’s a great and growing company.
I’m pleased to report Morris Multimedia has purchased The Middle Tennessee Times, which had been operating in Smithville for 15 years. The move is seen as a way to make Smithville Review an even stronger newspaper with even better news coverage.

That’s all folks

Crime Stoppers has gained fame for offering cash tips for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of criminals. I’m thinking about doing the same thing in Business Pulse.
Business tips have been so slow in recent months, I’m thinking of offering cash for tips that lead to Business Pulse stories. All that’s left is for me to settle on a dollar amount. Hmm, maybe $50 will do the trick.
Call 473-2191 or email with your business tips. As always, you need not reveal your identity.

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