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Stevens avoids jail for false rape claim

A woman who falsely cried rape has been granted probation, but has been ordered to go for counseling after telling a lie which could have resulted in a man facing felony charges.
The woman, Melissa M. Stevens, 28, was given an 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence but released on time served after coming before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. She entered a plea agreement to the lesser charge of obstruction of justice instead of the original charge of filing a false report. She will be required to pay court costs as part of her sentence.
Stevens told police she had been raped by a man who lived near her home. She told the officer she and the man had gotten together and were showing one another their piercings when things got out of hand.
She claimed the man started touching her and eventually forced himself on her. After the incident she said the man threatened to kill her if she did not keep what happened secret.
However, before the man could be arrested the woman returned and recanted her story, saying she made up the lie because she was mad at her boyfriend.

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