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Haley takes oath, stresses positive attitude

After being sworn into office on Tuesday night, Mayor Jimmy Haley offered his thoughts on bringing stability to what was a turbulent board.
“These are exciting times and I think everyone, in great anticipation, is expecting good things out of this board and I do too,” Haley said. “It’s going to be a learning curve for all of us, but with a positive slope. We aren’t going to please all our citizens, but we are going to do the best of our ability to do what we were elected to do.”
City administrator David Rutherford was asked to provide each board member with a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order. He did.
Haley says he expects the board to act as gentlemen.
“As aldermen, I feel like we need to work together as a board with the mayor and city administrator to do the best we can for this city. As gentlemen, we are all going to conduct ourselves in that manner. What happens in the board meetings is going to stay here. We are going to end each meeting as friends and come back as friends.”
With assistance from Rutherford, Haley is planning an orientation session to familiarize new members with the financial workings of the city.

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